Weekly horoscope from December 31 to January 6, 2019: Mars in Aries!

Aries: a great start!

Dear Aries, are you ready to experience a truly exceptional start to the year? Starting on Tuesday, the planet Mars will enter your sign. It is an important planet for you, ready to give you unparalleled strength and energy that will help you achieve your goals. Wednesday and Thursday will be two really lucky days, while between Saturday and Sunday some unexpected events could occur ...

Taurus: keep calm ...

Dear Taurus, unfortunately it will not be an exceptional New Year for your sign, which risks experiencing a rather tense 31st December and 1st January. Venus and moon in opposition make communication with the partner difficult and quarrels and arguments could break out for a trifle! Better to stay calm and bet everything on the more peaceful days of Saturday and Sunday. Find out right away if your partner is prone to cheating:

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Gemini: lighter ...

Dear Gemelli, starting from the first of the year you will finally be able to feel lighter: all thanks to Mars who returns to smile at you and relieves you of the tiredness and stress of the last period, which was quite hard for you ... Unfortunately, however, Mercury continues to be in opposition and the days of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with the opposite moon, are likely to be heavy and full of discussions.

Cancer: New Year's Eve of Passion!

Dear Cancer, unfortunately the new year begins with a passage of the planet Mars unfavorable to your sign: the next few weeks you may suffer from a little extra fatigue and stress. For now, however, enjoy the favor of Venus which, together with the moon, will give you so much passion on New Year's Eve and many, very sweet emotions. Attention, however, to the days of Saturday and Sunday, which will be quite nervous.

Leo: misunderstandings ...

Dear Leo, the new year begins with a beautiful passage of the planet Mars in the sign of Aries, favorable for your sign: certainly in the coming weeks you will not lack physical strength and energy! Unfortunately, however, on December 31 and January 1, some misunderstanding with the partner could arise, due to Venus and the moon, both in an unfavorable position. Better on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Virgo: in recovery!

Dear Virgin, finally the arrival of the new year allows you to breathe a good sigh of relief! Starting from January 1st, in fact, Mars will no longer be in opposition to your sign and you will be able to recover some energy after the tiredness and stress of the last period ... Favorable Venus gives you, together with a beautiful moon, a peaceful New Year and full of emotions, alongside a special person. The days of Saturday and Sunday are also lucky.

Libra: Opposite Mars ...

Dear Libra, unfortunately this week - starting from Tuesday - the planet Mars will come into opposition to your sign. The risk is to feel out of sorts and lack of energy, even from a physical point of view. Fortunately, Mercury will take care of cheering you up: between Thursday and Friday some good news and opportunities for fun could arrive. On the other hand, the days of Saturday and Sunday are nervous.

Scorpio: Spicy New Year!

Dear Scorpio, you are about to have a truly exceptional New Year! Both Venus and the moon will be in your sign on December 31st and January 1st: there could be no better combination to guarantee you a really hot night! The days of Saturday and Sunday are also beautiful and serene, kissed by luck. Singles who will not be locked in the house could have really promising encounters destined to last.

Sagittarius: who starts well ...

Dear Sagittarius, wonderful news for your sign: the new year begins with the favorable passage of Mars in the sign of Aries, which gives you a lot of grit and energy! Mercury in conjunction, for its part, makes you the queen of parties, with a very intense social life and lots and lots of fun. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with the moon in conjunction, will be three truly lucky days, in which anything will be possible.

Capricorn: a New Year of love!

Dear Capricorn, are you ready to spend an end and beginning of the year in the name of love? Both Venus and the moon will be on your side on the days of December 31 and January 1, ready to give you passion and intense emotions. Then, on Saturday and Sunday, the moon in conjunction will bring you good news and unexpected surprises. The only weak point in your horoscope is Mars, which with the new year becomes unfavorable, bringing a little more fatigue ...

Aquarius: New Year's Eve quarrel ...

Dear Aquarius, on Mondays and Tuesdays try as much as possible to be accommodating with partners and to seek a constructive confrontation, or you risk finding yourself on New Year's Eve to argue! Fortunately, starting from the first of the year, Mars will return to act in your favor and you will feel sufficiently strong and confident in what you want to better manage any difficulty. Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Pisces: how much passion!

Dear Pisces, get ready to experience a beautiful New Year, with the favor of Venus and that of the moon: it risks being an evening with a high rate of passion! Unfavorable Mercury, on the other hand, could create some misunderstanding on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, when you might feel a bit down in the dumps ... nothing to worry about, though: the new year begins with the best wishes and love, if still not there, it could arrive soon!

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