5 exercises to get to the wedding with a dream body

Who does not know that the months leading up to the wedding are very busy and overwhelmed by worries? For all brides, in addition to the normal commitments, the hope is still to be able to get to the big day in shape, although concentrating on physical activity when you are busy with a thousand preparations can be very complicated. That's why, as the Milanese club also suggests Aspria Harbor Club, there are 5 exercises to reach one perfect physical shape in a short time: exercises aimed at the most critical areas of the body so that you can experience the fitness routine as an ally that defeats anxiety and stress. Practicing sports, in fact, in addition to burning calories and giving tone to our muscles, stimulates a feeling of euphoria and well-being linked to the release of endorphins, which could be the ideal natural anti-stress, considering the absurd rhythms and the tasks for the preparations of the big day But what are these exercises?

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1. Squat for a B-side at the top

Let's start on the one side that interests us a lot, the B side: to reshape the buttocks and thighs, squats are the fastest and most effective solution. They can always be practiced and do not require any tools, if not by choice. Made with blocks of repetitions, combined with jumps and cardio, they guarantee an excellent result. Once you have spread your legs just beyond the shoulders, and placed your toes outwards, it will be enough to do a deep bend by pushing the pelvis outwards. During the ascent, by contracting the buttocks, toning will be ensured.

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2. Defined arms and shoulders

It may happen that women forget to pay enough attention to the upper body, more focused on the thighs and buttocks. For a bride, however, it is certainly important to be able to exhibit firm and toned arms. Just don't forget push up and exercises for the biceps and triceps in the series of exercises that take place every day, to obtain results less than you can imagine. And goodbye to fears (even if unjustified) of showing off your arms and dancing after meals

. Here are some examples of exercises suitable for arms and shoulders:

3. Crunch for a sculpted abdomen

Firm abdomen? Only crunch work can help you. The abdominal crunch is a very strenuous but extremely useful exercise for sculpting and reshaping the abdomen. The exercise consists in carrying out, at least 4 times, 8 abdominal contractions by lifting up, exhaling when the shoulder blades are detached from the floor and slowly returning to the initial position. A good way to enhance the "training of the abdomen" would be the use of the Wellness Ball, which allows you to work the muscles about 30% more.

4. Firm and toned breasts with push ups

Who wouldn't want nice, firm, toned breasts? Especially if the chosen dress has an important neckline. For this reason, dedicating yourself to exercises for the pectorals will be decisive. To deepen the work on the high pectorals, you can use the barbell, even without using weights. For the low pectorals, on the other hand, they are more suitable push-ups and push-ups. If you are at home and don't have any tools available, don't forget your water bottles


5. Lunges for dream legs

Which bride wouldn't want to slim down her thighs and make sure she's the queen of the dance floor? With a short dress, or one that shortens as needed, showing a slim and toned leg can be an advantage. How to achieve good results in a short time? definition of the thighs, also with the use of weights and dumbbells. Sweat to believe!

Finally: “sand the same old exercises are always carried out, you will soon find yourself in a stalemate " says Roberta Minardi, General Manager of Aspria Harbor Club in Milan. "When, on the other hand, new movements are experimented and new muscle groups stimulated, the system is forced to react with all visible results. One step away from the wedding we must give free rein to the imagination.”A good alternative to classic training is to accompany yourself with music; you can choose to change the training environment and take advantage of the sunny days to train outdoors; and last but not least decide every now and then to train in company, perhaps in couple with the future husband, because it could stimulate motivation and imagination. In this regard, to ensure that body and mind travel together, it is essential to always associate the training with a correct diet that will give faster and more concrete results:

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