Why buy a cast iron pot?

If you think it's time to buy new cookware, here are some suggestions.
The cast iron pot comes back from the past, and we wonder why it took so long. Perfect for cooking any type of dish. Cooker or induction hob, oven, will guarantee you a completely controlled cooking. To help you choose the right pot for you, here are all the reasons why you should choose a cast iron pot.

The advantages of cast iron cookware

When you decide to make a new investment, it is good to evaluate the advantages of the purchase you want to make.
Cast iron cookware is slightly more expensive than the usual steel cookware but offers countless additional benefits.
First of all, thanks to their non-stick characteristic, they allow you to cook with less fat, last a lifetime and allow you to braise, fry, stew and even grill and roast.

With just one pot you can perform all these types of cooking perfectly.
In addition, thanks to the "excellent heat diffusion, your food will cook evenly, which is useful when preparing a meat dish.

You will be able to experiment with different ways of cooking, even on the open flame and use it instead of the grill or baking pans.

Last, but not least, the sentimental factor!
A cast iron pot in your kitchen will remind you of grandma's house, with all the healthy and lovingly prepared dishes of yesteryear!

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The importance of shape and size

If you often prepare meat or fish, choose an oval shape. It is really ideal for ovens, given its resistance to high temperatures.
The oval shape adapts perfectly to the shape of the fish, the chicken, the fillet and this will allow the food to cook evenly: the heat will propagate from the top to the bottom and the cast iron will retain it in the walls of the pot, allowing the food to cook. your dish to perfection, like that of a real chef!

Staub oval cast iron pot

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Most cast iron pans are sold with their lid.
Also in enameled cast iron, of great visual effect. Its weight, moreover, will ensure that the heat does not escape from the pot, allowing the steam to cook from the inside, leaving the food moist.
If, on the other hand, you prefer to be able to see how your dish is cooking, we recommend a universal glass lid, like this one by Ballarini, which will allow you to control the preparation process, adapting perfectly to your pot.

Rounded glass cover Ballarini 24 cm

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The versatility

With the cast iron pot, many types of cooking are possible: braised, roasted, stewed and, of course, boiled.
In fact, even if the pot is suitable for all types of dishes, it is preferable to use it for slower cooking. That's when it will give its best. For example, do not hesitate to prepare a good veal stew or a delicious risotto. Add water to your recipe and simmer over very low heat. The steam will allow your food to cook gently and yours. dishes will be tender at the right point.

A decoration object with a modern design

Although the pot allows us to rediscover the tastes of our childhood, it is certainly not to be considered outdated.On the contrary, it can be very modern, thanks to its design and multiple choice of colors. Cast iron cookware can also be used as decorative items when not in use.
You will have the possibility to choose between a multitude of colors, from pink to orange, passing through a basic black or gray. It is up to you to decide how to embellish your kitchen and your dishes.

Staub cast iron pot

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A long-term investment

If you remember your grandparents' cast iron pot, know that what you buy will be made the same way. It is so resistant and of quality that its production has not changed over the decades. It is such a reliable product that some brands guarantee it for life! Among the best are Kela, Le Creuset (brand used in the kitchens of Masterchef and La prova del cuoco), Staub, Agnelli.
In addition, enameled cast iron is known to be a healthy and long-lasting material.
The important thing is never to put it in the dishwasher to preserve its anti-adhesion.
To clean it, just boil some water with coarse salt.

Kela cast iron pot

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One for every budget

Cast iron cookware has a very wide price range. It can range from a few tens of euros, up to over two hundred euros. Keep in mind that the budget you intend to invest must be related to the use you will make of it.
However, even for regular use, you can find great products for less than a hundred euros. Whether you are a lover of good home cooking or have just started in the kitchen, the pot is very easy to use.
Obviously, when you exceed 100 euros, your cast iron pot will be more reliable. But in general, most of the products on the market offer excellent value for money, like this one from Cecotec, which has the same functions as the more expensive cast iron cookware, but with a reduced choice of colors and sizes.

Cecotec cast iron pot

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