The 5 costumes that we will all wear this summer

by Francesca Giagnorio

Whether you have a lean and athletic physique or plump curves, in this article you will find not only the
most beautiful bikinis for this season, but also some tricks to wear them according to your physicality. Enhancing yourself, especially at the sea when you discover yourself a little more, is
important! However, there is an indispensable accessory that must always accompany us and, no, not
we are talking about sunscreen or sunglasses, but about self-confidence!
Did you put it in your beach bag? Very well, then we are ready to see the 5 together
bikini this summer! If you are also in a crisis about what to wear on top, here are some tips for you.

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5 tips to keep your bag always in order

1) Costumes with ruffles for those with small breasts or who want to harmonize the hips

Perfect to enhance the shapes we already have, or to harmonize the volumes of the
figure, bikinis with ruffles will give us a romantic and jaunty air. Ruffles and rouches are suitable for any type of body, but if you want to make the most of a bikini with these elements, here are some tricks for you. If you have small breasts or you want to enhance them, then choose a triangle or a bandeau bikini with ruffles: you will immediately buy an extra size without the need for push-ups! If, on the other hand, you want to rebalance the hip area and make your silhouette "hourglass" wear briefs with ruffles at the waist.

© Yamamay Bikini with ruffles

2) Iridescent bikinis with metallic or chenille effect

Iridescent or metallic effect bikinis are very bright and bring out your physicality. Perfect with tanning, especially if chosen in bronze and gold tones, but to be worn with caution the first days of exposure! In fact, if you have a dull complexion they could make you look even paler. Our advice? Wear metallic or shiny chenille bikinis if you are confident and comfortable with your body! If there is already a little tan on your skin, they will enhance you even more. If you like the iridescent effect, but are still a little hesitant about wearing it as a total look, try the mix 'n match effect with an unpaired two-piece or inserting some metallic element in your costume.

© Oysho Metallic triangle bikini

3) Woven costumes: no for the first tan, yes if you already have amber skin

A little problematic if you want an even tan, swimsuits with weaves and cut outs are perfect for those with an athletic silhouette or with few curves. With this type of bikini, in fact, you leave portions of skin uncovered in a playful way, creating very sensual optical illusions. A little trick for tanning: wear this type of costume with already golden skin to avoid the effect ... zebra! But if you really can't do without it, with the first exposure to the sun opt for a two-piece with few weaves and then indulge yourself slowly.

© Bershka Braided costume

4) Bikini with high-waisted briefs: for vintage souls and more

Very 50s, if you have a romantic soul and a vintage spirit this is the bikini for you!
This summer there are plenty of plain, striped or polka dot models of high-waisted briefs.
This type of briefs can be suitable for all physicists, albeit with some precautions.
If you have some localized roundness on the abdomen, the high-waisted briefs will help you hide them.
If, on the other hand, you have an athletic body with few curves, combine the briefs with a romantic band or choose a
very high-cut model.

© Guess High waisted bikini

5) One-piece swimsuits, great friends if you are petite

Going back to the speech made above on high-waisted briefs, a high-leg bikini model harmonizes
definitely the figure and makes the legs mileage. In this regard, it is perfectly suited to you if you are short.
Already a huge trend last year, the high-cut swimsuit at Baywatch is once again confirmed as one of the beach trends for summer 2018. And if you want even more in-depth advice, read our special on high-cut swimsuits, who look better , and what to combine them with!

© Bershka High-cut one-piece swimsuit

After choosing the most suitable costume for you, and perhaps being able to combine it with a trendy sarong, you just need the right pair of glasses to complete your total look. Here are some ideas of the hottest models this year!

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