Good Vibrations! 7 brilliant ideas to make your intimate games even more fun

We are sure that you are already familiar with the great potential that a vibrator has to give you pleasure. There are several options of models, sizes and methods of use, and all of them are real allies in making you discover new points of pleasure.

But everything in life becomes routine… Even if you are probably already satisfied with your methods, there is always room for something new. And, if you don't already include your other half in your games, you should try!

Here are some tips we have prepared for you and the hottest vibrators for your new pleasure adventures! In the meantime, you can also discover 5 curiosities about the vagina that you absolutely need to know:

Useful tips to enjoy alone:

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Take your time

If you are 100% sure of how your body works and you know exactly how to reach orgasm precisely, what do you think about moving the vibrator from the clitoris and exploring other erogenous zones? You can try stimulating different areas of your body, even those. close to your clitoris, but without touching it. Try to focus on the nipples, the insides of the thighs, the neck ... Let yourself be inspired by your sexual desires and fantasies and explore your body calmly and patiently. We guarantee that you will experience a much more intense orgasm and you will also get to know new erogenous zones that will take you to the peak of pleasure!

Tip: A vibrator with functions beyond masturbation can help you explore all areas of your body. Sex Sheep's small tongues model is a great choice for those looking for something bolder than usual: its wheel with small silicone tongues stimulates intensely and, as this vibrator is extremely flexible, it can be shaped at your will, guaranteeing so much comfort. But the best is yet to come? Its tip heats up to 40 ° C!

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Try new positions

The possibilities for stimulating the G-spot and other areas of your vagina are endless! If you are used to masturbating with your stomach up, try to change: put yourself in a position never tried before as sitting, or lie down with your stomach down by inserting the vibrator from the back.

Pleasure in the shower

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If you don't have a waterproof vibrator, you should definitely try one, because masturbation is twice as fun under hot water. If you have a tub, you can create a real day of self-love with bath foam, wine, beauty routine and some erotic games!

A hot tub, a little imagination and tranquility are enough to explore a new world of sensations. And to help you with that, a 100% waterproof vibrator is the perfect choice. The Pipa model from the Zemalia brand has 7 vibration modes and a flexible head, which makes it much easier to massage every inch of your body from different angles. Its design is simple, yet very efficient: it is ergonomic, with curvature similar to that of the penis to effectively stimulate the G-spot. And if you buy it on Amazon you are guaranteed a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase plus a year warranty.

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Getting wet is always a good idea!

After talking about the tub and bathroom, another good tip is lubrication: being well lubricated is essential to have a complete experience. And we're not just talking about the usual water-based lubricant. There are now tons of other lubricant choices that are able to increase sensitivity and even indulge in the sensation of cold or hot! There are tons of options available that increase even more. plus our chance to please us!

We recommend the OMG Clitoral Stimulating Gel! of Loovara, an innovative German brand in the production of vaginal gels and lubricants. The product is vegan and very effective: a 50ml package is sufficient for 100 applications and has ingredients in its formula that stimulate blood concentration in the clitoral area to increase sensitivity and make the orgasm much more intense!

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Two-player game = double the fun

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Many men are very open to using vibrators during sex, but it is always important to discuss them together first, so both of you will be sure what is most exciting for each of you (and you can avoid some scares).

Hot foreplay

From joint masturbation to stroking erogenous zones, a vibrator can be a magical tool during foreplay. You can use a vibrator / massager to create a relaxing and erotic massage where, in addition to stimulating his most sensitive areas, you can make your partner relax. Then, slowly, you can go down to the genitals, using a softer vibration in the perineum, groin area, until finally reaching the penis.

We recommend the Louviva portable vibrator and massager for this sweet surprise: made of non-toxic silicone, this model is waterproof and adapts to different types of use. It offers 10 different vibration frequencies and is easily rechargeable thanks to the USB cable. Perfect for a love rite for two.

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Vibrations back

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Anal sex is not a practice adopted by everyone, but it is certainly a modality that is worth exploring together: both men and women around the anus have sensitive areas that, when stimulated correctly, can cause a lot of pleasure.

Tip: Try stimulating the anal area with anal beads. This sex toy made of anti-allergic silicone offers different sizes for stimulation of the anus. Its safety ring allows you to easily remove the product without hurting your partner.

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Get a couple of vibrators

What's better than a vibrator? Two vibrators! If you know exactly what you and your partner like and want to take stimulation to another level, try a couple vibrator. We guarantee that the pleasure will be unforgettable!

This penis ring is an ideal mix between a bunny vibrator and a male pleasure enhancer. Once your partner wears it at the base of the penis, he will experience continuous pleasure while you can enjoy all the stimulation that the base with relief and the bunny will do to your clitoris. Enjoy yourselves!


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