The magic trick of the finger to avoid staining your teeth with lipstick

While putting lipstick on your lips seems to be the simplest thing in the world, there are actually a number of unexpected events that can make this activity a disaster. Starting from the choice of the color suitable for your skin and the makeup you have chosen, to move on to various smudges, without thinking about when you have dry and dehydrated lips. In short: when you are in a hurry and choose to wear the latest touch of style, you risk wasting more time than anything else.

Who has never happened, that the very evening when you need to feel magnificent, because he will come to pick you up for the first fateful appointment, get in the car, show off the most amazing smile you have and his expression is one of embarrassment? In a flash everything is clear, and the doubt arises in the mind: "Will I have all the lipstick on my teeth?". As soon as you enter the restaurant immediately bathroom break and in the mirror the truth: you look more like Joker in Batman than Catwoman ...

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The simple trick to not stain your teeth with lipstick

Quiet! The trick to put the lipstick and avoid any smudging on the teeth is of an overwhelming simplicity: it will be enough, after putting on the lipstick, to open the mouth and, without touching the lips, put the index finger inside. Then, tighten the lips around the finger It will work girls, because as you slide your finger out of your lips, you don't want the finished lipstick on the inside edge to stain your teeth, even when you smile or talk.
Incredible right?

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