Test: choose a face shape and find the perfect cut for you

When we go to the hairdresser, we often don't even know what we would like to change. We grow fond of our very long or very short hair. Experimentation scares us, but sometimes change is what we need. To find out which cut would actually fit your face, take our test. And if you want to change, without exaggerating, watch the video to have a "classy hairstyle that changes your routine a little":

Test: choose a face shape and find the perfect cut for you

Ready to find out what enhances your features? What we love in others is not always what would be good for us. The face defined as "perfect" is the oval one, as far as haircuts are concerned, for this reason each cut aims to stretch and highlight the features, in order to lead back to this idea of ​​perfection. Find out how to do it with our test:

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And what do others immediately notice about you? Maybe your own haircuts? Find out how you can break the hearts of others with our test:

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