Personality test: how accurate are you?

Precision is a fundamental feature for some people, and definitely indispensable in some contexts. Despite this, for many precision is a drama, both to practice it and to suffer it, and for this reason they avoid any subjection to the laws. We think that any excess should be avoided: too precise you can go crazy, but too little precise you are unreliable even to yourself. How accurate are you instead? Before you find out, watch the video, you will be surprised by the accuracy of this dog:

Personality test: how accurate are you?

So are you a precise woman, very precise or not at all precise? This quality when too ostentatious can become almost a limit, for example forcing you to spend hours cleaning until everything is exactly as you want, or to condition your whole life so as not to make mistakes in something. In short, do you specify yes or no? Find out with our test:

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