Wedding favors 2019: the 10 most original trends for your wedding

Marriage: what a fantastic adventure! And to think that it always starts with a great party!
A day dedicated to the union of two souls who find themselves never to leave each other, surrounded by the affection of their dearest people.

If you also believe that guests are as important as the bride and groom, choosing the right wedding favor is a really important step to take.
You would like your guests to keep it as a real gift and not as a useless ornament to be dusted only during spring cleaning.
That's why you need a "brilliant and original idea and we have found 10, all current and quite cheap.

Check out our list of 10 trending wedding favors in 2019!

1.A clue to your honeymoon

Are you and your significant other leaving for a tropical paradise? For a tour of the European capitals? Or for an "enchanting exploration of the mysterious East? Unfortunately it will not be possible to bring a souvenir from the honeymoon to all your guests, but you could combine the two and give your guests a clue about the location of your honeymoon, especially if yours is a travel-themed wedding! Green light to the sea theme, traditional Chinese chopsticks, henna decoration on your hands if you leave for exotic India, in short, unleash your imagination and give your guests a glimpse of the most incredible journey of yours life!

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2. Food and wine favors


If you want to play it safe and give something everyone will like, give your guests a food and wine favor!
Italy is a land rich in delicacies, traditional recipes and real gastronomic pearls, which are envied by us all over the world. This is why a small, greedy gift is a simple and economical way to conquer everyone.
Olive oil, local liqueur or wine, aromatic herbs, small jars of jam or honey, or a mixture of cocoa and spices for a delicious hot chocolate (ideal if you get married in winter)
The top for DIY wedding favors: just buy some jars or bottles and fill and decorate them as you like!

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3. Miniatures of the spouses

You know the iconic statuettes depicting the bride and groom to be placed on top of the wedding cake? Another very original trend is to use them as wedding favors.
You could even ask a craftsman to make one inspired by the newlyweds, or a more manga version of you and your sweetheart!
It is also enough to find a statuette with the same hair colors as the bride and groom, a little trick that will immediately give your guests the impression that it is really you!
On Amazon you can find many models in different styles, from the most sympathetic to the most conceptual ones.

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4. A booklet with your love story

Do you have a passion for writing?
Then you could give your guests a little book where you told your love story as if it were a real fairy tale.
If you are not sure if you know how to do it, you can ask a friend or even a professional to help you with the drafting. Romantic guests will appreciate it, but friends will look forward to having a laugh with you!

5. Plans for your guests

An eco-friendly gift that will please everyone: small jars with a plant inside.
Choose aromatic plants or succulent and succulent plants, they are practical to keep in an apartment to decorate a vertical garden. Also, not everyone has a green thumb and these plants are certainly easier to manage!

6. Solidarity favors

Unfortunately, during weddings, resources are often wasted (especially food!) Which is why looking for a way to do good to others would be perfect.
Solidarity favors are a great way to give a gift not only to the recipients of the same, but also to the less fortunate people who will receive help from the proceeds of the favors.

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7. Spices: an always welcome gift

Halfway between souvenirs from faraway places and food and wine favors, there are spices! Cumin, turmeric, paprika, curry, coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon, cocoa, cloves, star anise. Choose your favorites and pack them in a pretty bag to give to your guests to embellish their recipes. Spices are healthy and not always easy to find, you will see that they will love them!

8. The tree of life: the importance of one's roots

Marriage marks the birth of a new family, to be celebrated with loved ones.
That is why a symbol that reminds the family is absolutely appropriate.
We are talking about the tree of life: a symbol of roots and family love.
Give pendants that represent him to your guests. On Amazon you will find 120 charms for € 10.99 (click here to buy them) to donate to your guests, letting them use it as they see fit.

9. Forever happily ever after with the magic of fairy tales


There were once two spouses in love who got married.
If your story resembles a fairy tale, give some of this super romantic spirit to your guests.
A gift inspired by Disney films, or some real fairy dust (make it with a little sugar and glitter) in a bottle. A truly original gift. Bididi, bobidi, bù!

10. Good luck charms: the most meaningful symbols


And if you are a little superstitious, the right wedding favor to wish a little luck to friends and relatives is a lucky symbol!
Choose animals such as the tortoise, a symbol of resilience, the owl, a symbol of intelligence or the elephant, a symbol of altruism, or regional symbols such as the horn, a symbol of fertility or the Apulian pumo, which comes from the decorations of the ancient noble palaces, thus wishing wealth and prosperity.

Here are some inspiration:

Trend wedding favors 2019