Exercises for the buttocks: how to firm them and have a perfect butt

Like the belly and legs, the buttocks are also one of the critical points of the female body. Due to the "elasticity of the tissues - in anticipation of a" possible pregnancy - and the particular structure of the fat cells, the buttocks are in fact easily subject to "fat accumulation and water retention. This causes" soft "roundness and an effect to Orange peel. But don't worry - there is a way to keep things from getting worse. In fact, it is enough to rely on targeted and constant exercises, effective to firm buttocks and thighs and thus have a perfect butt.

Below you can find an example of sports training - also to be done at home - with a series of targeted exercises to have high and firm buttocks.

How to have a perfect butt: the most effective exercises for firm buttocks

Exercising doesn't always mean having high, firm buttocks. In fact, to have beautiful shapes, the ideal would be to choose targeted exercises - in this case for the buttocks - and repeat them 1 day out of 2, progressively increasing the difficulty and intensity.

But what are the most effective exercises to get a firm butt? Here they are divided into three phases that take advantage of three different positions:

  • In 4-legged position: kneel, resting on your elbows. Inhale and stretch one leg back, exhale during the movement and then return to the starting position and repeat. Beginner level: 3 sets of 25 movements with 2 minutes of rest. Intermediate level: 4 sets of 35 movements with 1 and a half minutes rest Advanced level: 5 sets of 40 movements with 1 minute of rest.

  • Lying on your side: Lie on your left side, with your head resting on your left arm and your legs straight at 90 degrees. Inhale and raise the straight leg straight up. Exhale during the movement. Return to the starting position while inhaling and repeat. Beginner level: 3 sets of 20 movements with 1 1/2 minutes of rest. Intermediate level: 4 sets of 30 movements with 1 minute and 15 seconds of rest Advanced level: 5 sets of 40 movements with 1 minute of rest.

  • Supine position: Lie back on the ground, with your legs bent, feet in contact with the ground and hip-width apart, and arms along your body. Lift your pelvis by contracting your buttocks as hard as possible. When the thighs are in the extension of the back, come down and repeat. Beginner level: 3 sets of 15 movements with 1 and a half minutes of rest. Intermediate level: 4 sets of 20 movements with 1 minute and 15 seconds of rest. Advanced level: 5 sets of 25 movements with 1 minute of rest.

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Keeping fit? Easy, with the exercises to do at home!

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For a complete and targeted workout that will help you get a perfect butt in a short time, we recommend following these four simple and effective glute exercises.

Exercises to do at home: the step, perfect for firming the buttocks and thighs

One of the most suitable exercises to have perfect buttocks is the step. The convenience of this sport is that it is not necessary to go to the gym: you can firm your buttocks at home in peace. This type of physical activity allows to improve the efficiency of the cardio-vascular system, acting at the same time - at a low impact - at a tonic-trophic level on the lower limbs. The step in fact slims, reshapes and firms buttocks and thighs, improving the resistance of heart and breath.A complete result without too much effort!

How to do it
You can use a bench, a step or a real step: the exercise consists in placing one foot on that surface first and then with the other, alternating them. Continue for a while, doing at least three series of 25 exercises each .

Keep your back straight and put the entire sole of your foot on the step. Start with low heights and then increase them during subsequent sessions. In this way you will avoid trauma to the knees.

How to firm up the buttocks: the best sports to have a perfect butt

If your specific intent is to firm the buttocks, in addition to the training exercises that we have explained above and that you can easily do at home, you could choose sports that allow you to reach your goal more quickly. The important thing is that you practice them for at least two or three times a week to ensure constant and profitable work.

But besides the step, what are the best sports to firm up the buttocks? Here are the most suitable disciplines to show off a firm butt:

  • Running: not only melts fat, but tones the buttocks. There is no need to focus everything on speed, favor the duration (at least 30-45 minutes) and regularity.
  • Aquagym: perfect for toning muscles, fighting cellulite and decreasing water retention.
  • Swimming: thanks to the movements of the arms and legs, all the muscles of the buttocks are stimulated and massaged.
  • The dance: salsa, rock, African dances, zumba: when the leg works, so does the buttock.

Nutrition for muscle firming

Training, if it is not accompanied by adequate nutrition, will not be able to give the expected results by itself.

Certainly the exercises for the buttocks allow, within a few weeks, to reduce the volume of the lower back and above all to make it more toned, but having a lifestyle and an adequate fingers will allow you to obtain better results and above all to make them last over time. while improving general well-being.

The enemies of the buttocks are undoubtedly a sedentary lifestyle and repetitive diets, with the consequent yo-yo effect and the accumulation of fat and cellulite right on the buttocks.

To have beautiful buttocks and develop their muscles, it is necessary to have a balanced diet, low in fat, rich in proteins (which help build muscle mass) and low glycemic index foods.

Instead, it is wrong to eliminate carbohydrates, thinking that we make you fat: pasta, rice, bread, legumes and whole grains are essential to supply energy to the muscles and should not be avoided at all!
Consumed for breakfast, they allow you to start the day with the necessary energy and in a better mood.

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