Weekly horoscope from 16 to 22 July 2018: how much love for the earth signs!

Aries: ups and downs ...

Dear Aries, this week for your sign will be full of ups and downs. The planets, on the whole, will work in your favor: Mercury in a good position will help you forge important relationships and bonds. However, the moon in opposition on Wednesday and Thursday could create some impediment or some unexpected that will risk putting you in a bad mood. Top day: Sunday. Discover now the three best adjectives to describe yourself:

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Taurus: problems in the office ...

Dear Taurus, this week you may be experiencing some tense moments at work: you will find yourself having to endure a rather hostile environment or situation that will not put you at ease. The days of Friday and Saturday will be rather stressful. Lots of love and sweetness, however, on the sentimental front, with a beautiful Venus protecting your relationship. And who knows, you might not be the first to pronounce the fateful "I love you" ...

Gemini: quarrels on the horizon ...

Dear Gemelli, if no one stops you on the working front, on the sentimental one, discussions and misunderstandings will be on the agenda ... Particularly tiring will be the days of Monday, Tuesday, but especially Sunday, when the moon will be in opposition. Instead, it focuses on the lucky days of Wednesday and Thursday, in which there will be good news and satisfactions.

Cancer: long live Venus!

Dear Cancer, love this week will be the great protagonist of your life, with a beautiful Venus ready to give you as much charm and sensuality as possible. You will, in fact, be particularly irresistible and you will make the heart of your partner or some fan that you have not yet taken into consideration ... The best days of the week will be those of Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Some discontent, however, between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Leo: what a week!

Dear Leo, one more wonderful week for your sign, with Mercury in conjunction ready to give you all the recognition you deserve. You will be the center of attention, requested and desired by everyone. The days of favorable moon are splendid, those of Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Instead, be careful not to neglect an important person on Wednesdays and Thursdays, when some tension could arise ...

Virgo: a hot summer!

Dear Virgo, with Venus in your sign no one stops you anymore! Love is incandescent like this July sky and passion drags even the most rational and moderate of you. If you are single, it is the right time to look around, especially on the super lucky days of Monday and Tuesday, when the moon will also be in conjunction. The only flaw of the week: Sunday, when you might experience some moments of fatigue or stress.

Libra: great!

Dear Libra, in your love life you can count this week on a great serenity and harmony for two. The days of Wednesday and Thursday will be particularly exciting and you may receive some nice surprises. Work is also favored by the stars: Mercury helps you take important steps forward that will allow your worth to be recognized. Weekend dedicated to relaxation, with a beautiful lucky moon on Sunday.

Scorpio: getting better!

Dear Scorpio, on the sentimental front you are in full recovery! Finally, after a long period of quarrels and tensions, you and your partner have found serenity or, in the most extreme cases, you have managed to find it alone, starting from yourself. Now it will all be downhill: it is possible to make projects in common or meetings destined to last. The days of Friday and Saturday are very lucky, with a beautiful moon in the sign. At work you can experience some moments of stress.

Sagittarius: Venus unfavorable ...

Dear Sagittarius, this week quarrels and discussions with partners will be on the agenda. Especially on Mondays and Tuesdays, the nervousness in your couple is likely to skyrocket! So avoid making important speeches, at least until Wednesday, when the moon - instead - will act in your favor and help you reconcile. Super lucky on Sunday, with a beautiful moon in conjunction.

Capricorn: love in the foreground!

Dear Capricorn, love warms your summer afternoons with its presence, and it has never been so hot! Day after day, you will discover that you have a very special person by your side and you will be able to overshadow even your beloved job. Lucky days, with a beautiful favorable moon, will be those of Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Days not, however, those of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Aquarius: blocks to overcome ...

Dear Aquarius, you are experiencing a situation of blockade due to the opposition of Mercury, which complicates relations with others and makes it more difficult to find the right opportunities, even on the working front. Fortunately, at least in the sentimental field, things begin to settle down and you can experience beautiful emotions for two on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Instead, be careful not to get too busy between Friday and Saturday: the unfavorable moon will force you to wait to get what you hope for ...

Pisces: talk to him ...

Dear Pisces, unfortunately this week the opposition of Venus will not leave you alone for a moment! If there is something that worries you about your relationship (don't you feel it as present as it used to be? Are you afraid that it will cheat on you?), Address the topic with your partner and do not harbor doubts and pains: you will immediately feel better and live with less. stress. Heavy days on Monday and Tuesday, with the opposite moon. Best between Friday and Saturday.

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