Personality test: how meteoropathic are you?

If it is true that cold and rain make everyone a little sad, that the sultry heat exasperates us and that every climatic extreme can determine the course of our days, it is true that not all of us are subjected to atmospheric variations. The meteoropath in fact suffers a lot from climate change, physically and psychologically, and is conditioned enough by the atmospheric situation: so much so that the personality of those who are meteoropathic is quite fickle and susceptible. Do you want to know more about your personality? Watch the video, because even what you wear tells us something about you:

Personality test: how meteoropathic are you?

Is the sun essential to help you smile in winter? Does the rain depress you and bring you down? Are you really susceptible to changes in the weather or do you manage to keep your good or bad mood in any case? Find out with our test how much you are conditioned by the climate, take the quiz:

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