The origins

Originally from China, where it has been consumed since ancient times, tea is made from the buds and leaves ofcamilia sinensis, a tree of the camellia family.

The different denominations do not indicate different types of leaves but designate the various treatments (fermentation, smoking ...) to which they are subjected. Such treatments greatly affect the flavor of the drink.

The main types of tea

Type of tea




Darjeeling Assam

Fermented. It is the most widespread variety in the world.

Chinese green tea


Unfermented, the leaves are dried at very high temperature (to avoid the natural fermentation process), then rolled and dried again.

Japanese green tea


Unfermented, the leaves are steamed, rolled by hand and finally dried.

Smoked tea

Lapsang Souchong

Black tea smoked over a spruce or cedar fire. The duration of the operation depends on the degree of smoking to be obtained.

Oolong tea (blue-green)


Semi-fermented, with a delicate nutty flavor, it is low in caffeine. It is an intermediate variety between black and green teas.

Post-fermented tea

Pu Er

Long fermentation over time, which gives it a very particular flavor: a mixture of mushrooms, earth and leather. Recommended for enthusiasts.

Red tea


It is not a tea in the strict sense of the word but an herbal tea, obtained from a thorny bush present in South Africa.

There are also white teas and yellow teas, which are very rare and quite expensive.

Flavored teas

In most cases they are black or, more rarely, green teas. They can be flavored with natural ingredients such as flowers (jasmine tea), leaves (mint tea), essential oils (Earl Gray bergamot), citrus fruits (Russian citrus tea), but teas are becoming more popular. with artificial flavors (caramel tea, red fruit tea).

Tea as a drink

Calculate one teaspoon of tea per person plus one for the teapot.

Type of tea

Infusion temperature

Infusion time



3 to 5 min

Oolong tea


5 to 7 min

Chinese green tea


3 to 5 min

Japanese green tea


1 to 2 min

White tea


7 to 10 min

In India, chai is prepared, a blend of tea and spices, while in England, tea is drunk with the addition of lemon or milk.

Iced tea: to obtain an excellent iced tea you do not have to prepare the tea in hot water and then let it cool but you have to infuse it for a long time (one night) in water at room temperature, filter it and put it in the fridge.

All about smoothies

The benefits

Tea, especially green tea, is rich in theine and antioxidants. The stimulating action of theine lasts for six or eight hours (compared to two or three hours of caffeine) but without peaks: the body is then stimulated in a pleasant way.
Rich in fluoride, tea can inhibit the absorption of iron. If you are pregnant or iron deficient, limit your consumption.

Tea to feel fit

Tea in the kitchen

  • Soaking dried fruits in an infusion of black tea gives them a delicious aroma.
  • All milk desserts (rice pudding, custard) can be flavored with the tea of ​​your choice, just let the tea infuse into the milk that will be used for preparation.
  • Green tea is very good for flavoring plum cakes.
  • An infusion of smoked tea will give a delicious taste to the sauce that serves as an accompaniment to a steamed salmon.

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