9 reasons to choose Yves Rocher's Pure Light moisturizing foundation!

The choice of foundation, as we know, is not always easy, indeed, at times it can turn out to be a real undertaking. The right texture, the color suited to your complexion, a finish that guarantees lightness and avoids the mask effect are just some of the parameters to be taken into consideration to make the right choice and opt for a product that represents you and allows you to feel at the same time. better with yourself. But do not worry, below we will guide you in your choice with a product that has literally conquered us: the Pure Light moisturizing foundation by Yves Rocher. Why? There are 9 reasons and they are all very simple. We tell you about them here right away.

1. It is made up of 96% ingredients of natural origin

Yves Rocher's Pure Light moisturizing foundation is alcohol-free, silicone-free and paraben-free, qualities that make us love it right away. It is in fact a product made for 96% of ingredients of natural origin. But that's not all: its bottle is made of recyclable glass and the carton comes from responsibly managed forests. In short, in addition to the quality of the product and its effectiveness, we can count on its sustainability. Not a bad start, right?

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2. Nude effect on the complexion for an ultra natural result!

What is the main characteristic of a good foundation? Let it not be seen! That's right, with the Pure Llight foundation you will be amply satisfied in what seemed like an impossible mission, so much so that you will doubt you have it on your skin. The evanescent and ultra-fluid texture of which it is composed guarantees a perfect application on the skin of the face, giving it a nude effect and a completely natural look.

3. Practical packaging that suggests the ideal dose to use!

Thanks to its drop-counter pipette, it is possible to dose the right amount of foundation to use to obtain a perfect nude complexion. You can do it directly on the face or on the back of the hand and then proceed with the application of the product from the center of the face outwards, down to the neck and décolleté area to avoid unpleasant discoloration.

This convenient packaging will allow you not only to speed up the "foundation application" operation - which in the early morning is certainly not something to be underestimated - but also to avoid wasting the product unnecessarily, making it last longer, and avoiding the unpleasant mask effect.

4. Does not dry out the skin!

Thanks to the cellular water of Edulis and the moisturizing properties it enjoys, your skin will enjoy long-lasting hydration. Often, in fact, some foundations can cause an unpleasant feeling of dryness, and, let's face it, the skin that tightens is not certain. a pleasant thing, especially at certain times of the year. This is why a foundation that guarantees lightness and hydration, with a fluid and low coverage texture is undoubtedly to be preferred if you want to avoid showing off skin that tends to dry out more easily.

5. It covers, but naturally!

It has an imperceptible finish, able to cover imperfections and discontinuities of the skin, without being excessively heavy. Its light coverage guarantees a natural effect and avoids the danger of an annoying feeling of heaviness.

6. Even out the complexion

Let's face it, we love foundation first of all because it can easily hide the various defects of our skin, allowing us to show off a real star complexion. Well, Yves Rocher's Pure Light Moisturizing Foundation also succeeds in this mission! In fact, thanks to its fluid and light texture, it spreads on the skin easily, giving a natural and even complexion.

7. Guarantees lightness and brightness

Its ultra-fluid consistency and the highly moisturizing Edulis cellular water-based formula give the skin a priceless sensation of lightness, making it ideal for all periods of the year, even on hot spring or summer days, where, you know, the foundation can often be a bit challenging. In addition, it helps to ensure a natural radiance to the face.

8. There are 12 shades!

Another thing that won us over: its rich pink of shades to choose from. It is impossible not to find the right shade for you: from beige to rosé up to doré and brown shades, all proposed in different tones in progression, to meet the needs of every type of skin and their respective undertones.

9. It smells nice!

And then, something not to be underestimated: it has a delicate fragrance that makes the application even more pleasant, to the touch and smell. In short, what are you waiting for?

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