Test: who can't stand you anymore?

Are you so sure that those around you appreciate you for who you are? Or maybe you are in one of those moments in your life when it is unbearable? In fact, not everyone is always forced to suffer our mood swings, our follies, or our apathy. Often it is we who can no longer bear that person next to us every day, for no reason, and we have to take a vacation. What prevents this from happening the other way around? So who is it that can't stand you anymore? Watch the video first and then find out!

Test: who can't stand you anymore?

Is there someone who really can't stand you anymore? It is not always said that it is explicit, it is not always said that we act consciously, it is not obvious that your way of doing things is not annoying. Then find out if there is someone who does not can stand you more, take the quiz:

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While there are several things about us that others may not tolerate, there are also things about us that attract others. What do others immediately notice about you? Find out with our quiz:

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