With StorySign even deaf children can feel part of the bedtime story

There are approximately 32 million deaf children in the world, many of whom have difficulty learning to read as they cannot relate words to sounds, hear their parents read a story or have a teacher repeat sentences - all key moments in the world. growth phase of a child. Also, for a deaf child, the written word does not translate directly into the sign.

This means that they learn to read in a language that is not their primary language, and while a hearing child takes about 38 minutes to complete a reading with their parents, a deaf child takes about 70.

The StorySign app for deaf children

In order to help these children and make their handicap less disabling, Huawei has created StorySign, a new application that helps deaf children learn to read with their parents and feel part of the precious moment of the bedtime story.

StorySign harnesses the power of Huawei's "Artificial Intelligence to create a unique" reading experience, thus helping deaf children to open up to the world of books. It is available for free for all Android devices, optimized for Huawei Mate20 Series, and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Huawei AppGallery, in 10 different Sign Languages.
For each language, the app works with a classic of children's fiction; in Italy it is currently available for Beatrix Potter's “Three Little Bunnies”.

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For the creation of StorySign, Huawei has collaborated with Aardman, Penguin Readers, the English Deaf Association and the European Union of the Deaf and in Italy the project is supported by ENS, the National Deaf Organization.

With the help of Star, the cute animated avatar, and thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence, StorySign translates the book into Italian Sign Language - LIS - page by page, offering users a unique reading experience.

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You can donate too

To find out more and make a donation visit www.storysign.com. All the funds raised will be donated to support the charities of the 10 countries involved in the project, in order to organize Sign Language courses at the homes of families with deaf children.

Part of the proceeds will also be invested to enrich the StorySign app library in the future so that more and more fairy tales are available.

© Huawei

"At Huawei, we strongly believe in the power of Artificial Intelligence and in the difference that technology can make in the world," comments Andrew Garrihy, CMO Huawei Western Europe. them to experience, together with their families, the moment of the bedtime story. We hope that StorySign will raise awareness of the difficulty that deaf children have in learning to read and write. We hope that people are encouraged to donate and support charities with which we are collaborating throughout Europe ”.

Not just deafness ...

Another problem that can afflict children (and also adults) - but which can be solved more easily than deafness - is dyslexia, that set of neurodevelopmental disorders that concern the ability to read, write and / or calculate. correctly.
Do you know that many celebrities have also suffered from it? Find out in this gallery which ones.

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