Post the photo of the grandfather and ... it goes viral in 24h!

When Derek Schwendeman posted this photo on he didn't expect all this media hype. The shot in question portrays his grandfather 66 years ago, just before he left for the war in Korea. The soldier is in uniform and has a smile that would be the envy of the most beloved Hollywood stars, so much so that, on social media, it is assumed that he was used to dazzle enemy lines.


The "sexy grandpa", this is" the name that Internet users have given to the soldier, he is now 86 years old and happily married. He and his wife got married before the mission and the girl, meanwhile, waited patiently for him.

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© Facebook / @Fleecie Schwendeman

The couple had 3 children, 6 grandchildren and a great-grandson who will be born soon!

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