Dry Skin: the most effective remedies to take better care of it!

Dry skin is a skin condition that can affect both the face and body and which, if not treated properly, can become particularly annoying. The classic and unpleasant sensation of skin tightening is a first sign that you are facing a possible dry skin or with a tendency to dry out easily. It looks rough and tense and, often, even cracked, but don't worry, there are many effective remedies to nourish it adequately and guarantee it the right hydration, and the first of all is to treat it in the right way.

But what are the causes of dry skin? To determine it are both exogenous factors - including extreme climatic conditions, UV rays, overly aggressive products and some drugs - and endogenous ones, such as genetic, hormonal, age-related and dietary ones.

If dry facial skin occurs mainly on the cheeks - especially the sides of the mouth - around the eyes and lips, and can lead to premature skin aging unlike those who, for example, have normal or oily skin, the skin dryness of the body appears mainly on the feet, legs and hands, as these areas have fewer sebaceous glands and are often overexposed to the environment.

As we said, however, there are many ways to combat this situation, so let's see the most effective remedies against dry skin to restore proper skin hydration.

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1. Maintain your diet and drink lots of it

Have you ever considered the idea of cure the "nutrition to help your skin? Some foods are real beauty elixirs, while others - like refined industrial foods, the meat and i dairy product, known to promote hormonal changes, should be avoided or limited.

In particular, if you suffer from dry skin, do not miss unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3, fundamental allies as primarily responsible for a hydrated, nourished and compact skin and can be found in walnuts, flax seeds and blue fish. Don't forget to hydrate yourself abundantly; two liters of water a day, or detox drinks and unsweetened herbal teas, are a real cure-all against dry skin: they help eliminate toxins and purify the epidermis, nourishing it adequately.

To find out in detail all the most suitable foods to take care of your beauty, browse the gallery below.

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2. Use specific products for dry skin

Among the best choices you can make, in terms of specific products for dry and very dry skin of the face and body, there is certainly CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion with ceramides 1, 3 and 6-II, hyaluronic acid and the exclusive MVE a prolonged release that guarantees a "drying for 24 hours and the restoration of the precious protective barrier of the skin.

Its fragrance-free formula is non-greasy and dries quickly. The texture is extremely light, perfect to use even during the summer, when spreading too "heavy" products can also become quite annoying. Last but not least, CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion is also excellent as an after-sun product: a true multi-tasking product to have in suitcase and always carry with you! It is in fact available in three sizes, the smallest of which, 88 ml, is also perfect for taking on the plane in a comfortable travel beauty case.

3. Exfoliate dry facial skin with a gentle scrub

Scrubs and peels are important beauty routine gestures, to keep the skin clean, the pores clean and to eliminate impurities and dead cells. However, if your skin is dry or tends to dry out easily, it is good to avoid too aggressive procedures because they risk eliminating the surface hydrolipidic film and altering the skin barrier.

So yes to periodic scrubs and peelings, but always very sweet and delicate, like this DIY that we teach you to do alone and with natural ingredients in the video that follows.

4. Cold water, brush and gentle tampons if you have dry body skin

If you have dry skin, try to wash yourself with cold water, ideal for not stressing the skin and, on the contrary, to help it regenerate and preserve itself. Water that is too hot, in fact, helps to eliminate the protective oil from the skin and is excessively aggressive for the skin that tends to dry out easily.

After showering or bathing, you also need to be gentle when it comes to drying. If you rub vigorously with the towel, you make your skin too dry and irritate it as it removes most of its moisture. Let the air dry and just pat yourself gently with a soft towel.

Another great tip is to pass on the skin of the legs a brush for the skin of pure bristles, but not too stiff. Gently brush your legs, no more than once a week, front and back, from bottom to top, being careful not to overdo it. You will see that your legs will stop flaking and circulation will also benefit.

Then prefer clothes in natural fabrics such as cotton and silk that do not irritate the skin, instead avoid heavy and itchy materials and fabrics: they can in fact make the situation worse. Also, be sure to use a clothes cleaner without dyes or perfumes, as residues may remain on your clothes after washing and further irritate particularly dry skin.

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5. Steam, a cure-all against dry skin

In addition to a gentle shower, and possibly at not too high temperatures, and an effective and specific lotion, an excellent help against dry body skin is represented by steam. Indulge in a Turkish bath from time to time, which, thanks to the power of steam, helps open pores and eliminate toxins, preparing your skin to receive the moisturizing and nourishing treatment of the lotion. Even a delicate scrub, with honey for example, excellent for those with dry skin, helps to prepare the skin to better enjoy the effects of the cream, which will thus act more deeply, bringing more immediate and intense benefits.

Do not forget to apply the lotion every time you feel the need, and not only necessarily after a shower or once in the day, especially in summer or in the heat, that is, when the skin is affected not a little by high temperatures and a further dryness.

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