Weekly horoscope from 10 to 16 June 2019: lots of love for the air signs!

Aries: Venus favorable!

Dear Aries, this week you can count on the favor of Venus, which returns to support your sign giving you many emotions and a lot, a lot of passion. The weekend in particular, with a beautiful moon on your side, will be pretty romantic. At work there will be important opportunities and responsibilities: pay attention, however, to Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when you may encounter some more obstacles.

Taurus: capricious moon ...

Dear Toro, your week is off to a great start, with a beautiful favorable moon ready to give you all its support and that little bit of extra luck you need to resolve a pending issue. Not so lucky, however, will be the days of Thursday and Friday, when a bad moon in opposition risks bringing a bit of bad mood and some extra tension with the partner. Don't get embittered and treat yourself to a nice pizza:

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Gemini: great!

Dear Gemini, your time has finally come! Venus and Mercury in conjunction will make this week and the following week truly exceptional. You could have important meetings, destined to last. In love, you will finally be able to find an understanding with your partner. If you are single, however, your heart could beat very fast, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Only on weekends there is the risk of being a little nervous ...

Cancer: get ready!

Dear Cancer, 2019 is not an easy year for you, we know.Be ready, however, because in the next few weeks you will experience a period of great recovery: it's just a matter of patience and waiting! Meanwhile, it focuses on lucky moon days, namely those of Monday, Thursday and Friday. Instead, avoid discussions with your partner on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which risk being quite tense ...

Leo: peace returns in love!

Dear Leo, Venus is finally back on your side! With the support of the planet of love, you will be able to settle the outstanding issues with your boyfriend, discussing for the first time in some time with greater peace and serenity. Good news is also on the way in the workplace, especially possible on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Attention instead to the unfavorable moon days: Thursday and Friday.

Virgo: Could be better ...

Dear Virgo, unfortunately this week you will have to deal with both the disfavor of Venus and that of Mercury ... it is likely that tensions will arise, both at work and with your partner. The weekend in particular is likely to be difficult: if you can, postpone important discussions, so as to avoid misunderstandings with your boyfriend. The moon, however, gives you a day of super luck: that of Monday!

Libra: what a week!

Dear Libra, this week is going to be very lucky for your sign! Get ready to experience two truly exceptional days, with a beautiful moon in conjunction: those of Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be good news in the workplace, as well as very passionate moments with your partner. The weekend in particular promises to be very romantic… Many surprises await single women!

Scorpio: the serene is back!

Dear Scorpio, finally this week the clear sky will return for your sign, which in the last period has been severely tested by the double opposition of Venus and Mercury. Now you will slowly return to breathe and you will notice how one problem after another will prove to be solved much more easily than you thought! The days of Thursday and Friday, in particular, will be super lucky: take advantage of the favor of the moon!

Sagittarius: not the best time ...

Dear Sagittarius, in a 2019 that sees you as the absolute protagonist, the next few weeks will certainly not be the best time. Don't despair: if things don't seem to go the right way, soon everything will be resolved and in the end you will be the winner! At the moment you have to deal with the opposition of Venus, which creates tensions and misunderstandings in your life as a couple, and that of Mercury, which makes communication with others difficult.

Capricorn: Opposite Mars ...

Dear Capricorn, this week you will be able to get the satisfaction you deserve, but it will cost you a little more effort ... Unfortunately, the opposition of Mars begins to make itself felt and determines a state of psycho-physical fatigue that makes everything more complicated. Fortunately, you can count on a beautiful favorable moon on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, which will help you overcome obstacles and small inconveniences, especially in the workplace.

Aquarius: eyes open!

Dear Aquarius, finally the serenity returns to your love life! Venus has returned to smile at you and the tensions with the partner, little by little, will become a distant memory. Favorable Mercury, for its part, is ready to give all singles important meetings not to be missed! Eyes open especially on weekends. Good news could arrive at work between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Pisces: Venus unfavorable ...

Dear Pisces, this week, unfortunately, an unfavorable Venus will put a spoke in the wheel of your relationship: misunderstandings and even important quarrels may occur with your partner. Pay particular attention to Monday, which will be quite tense. There may also be slowdowns at work. Bet everything on the lucky moon days: those of Thursday and Friday!

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