How to choose the right size for your clothes (also online)

Your size
The size corresponds to precise measurements of our body. The bust size, waistline and hips are the essential measures for a woman. There are several meters of measurement: the Italian, the American, the English (in inches) and the international meter, are those generally present on clothing labels. Also very useful for shopping online and not being full of returns to do

Calculating your measurements will also help you understand what your body shape is and choose the most suitable outfits for you!

How to take the measurements?

With a tape measure, measure naked. Go around the bust without squeezing it too much, then measure the waist (below the ribs) and, finally, the hips. Measure every two injured, write down the centimeters of the measurements and keep them preciously. They will be used to determine your size and also to know if you are losing weight or getting fat.

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Understand your size with tables

To find out which Italian size you correspond to, here are some complete tables of the rules in force. Calculate which size your chest, waist, hips and hips measurements correspond to.

How to figure out the size for shirts, dresses, skirts and pants

On the labels, the sizes of the t-shirts are often indicated in Italian or American sizes: from 38 to 54 or from XS to XXXL. The same goes for skirts and pants. Follow the table to find the right matches and make no mistakes: you will enhance your body and do no harm with online purchases.

And for the linen? The tables to choose the right size

We refer to briefs, boxers or panties. It is not always easy to choose the right size, especially considering the restrictions on the possibility of trying them on in the dressing room (not to mention online purchases). Here is the table to understand more about mutant and boxer.

This, however, is the bra size chart.

To choose the right shoes, you need to know the corresponding numbers

In Italy, the size of the shoes corresponds to 3/2 of the foot length in cm. Since it is a bit difficult to calculate, here is a table to make things easier for you.

How to choose the size of the gloves?

Here is the table that corresponds to the sizes of gloves in force with respect to the measurements of your hands in cm. With the tape measure, measure your open hand, from the fingertips to the base of the palm.

And if you can't get out of it and you think your body is strange, fear not: we are all in our own way, even if some clumsily try to hide it.