How to choose the right briefs based on the look and feel at the top!

Choosing the right briefs is essential for various reasons: to feel comfortable, to stay comfortable, to enhance our body and to prevent them from ruining our outfits. The golden rule is to always choose the right size: briefs that are too small will fascinate even those with a size 38, those that are too large will slip on everywhere, making the day hell! The choice of underwear, as well as the briefs themselves, also represents a real way to talk about how we are made and our personality. We demonstrate this by talking to you about the way you wear the bra:

Materials and types of women's briefs

The briefs can be in cotton, microfiber or lace and silk. Naturally, cotton is one of the most suitable materials because it is more delicate, less allergenic and guarantees greater freshness and cleanliness. In general, it is advisable to use cotton as the main choice and for every day, absolutely avoiding synthetic materials of unknown origin. Microfiber is a synthetic textile fiber, very comfortable and elastic. Of course it is not to be preferred to cotton, precisely because it is synthetic, but if you like it better make sure at least that there is a percentage of cotton! Lace and silk are beautiful to wear and enhance curves, but are less comfortable or suitable than cotton. So reserve them for a very special evening!

Some precautions when choosing the briefs:

  • flat stomach or containment effect briefs are to be avoided: they are very uncomfortable and make blood circulation difficult.
  • Wide panties with thick seams and boxers increase the volume of the hips and are therefore suitable for giving volume to the shapes of those who are very thin. Low-waisted boxers are to be avoided if you have short legs because they shorten them even more.
  • The thong is a good compromise between the thong and the briefs: there is no risk that it protrudes from the pants when you go down and is totally invisible even under the tightest pants.
  • Shorts are a cross between boxers and thongs. They have the advantage of being comfortable while remaining sexy, they are suitable for all silhouettes and enhance the buttocks.

Let's look in more detail which briefs we can choose and which type of outfit they will fit perfectly!

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High-waisted briefs for a retro look that hides the belly

The high-waisted briefs are a real tribute to the sensuality of the 50s and 60s. They are refined, elegant, but also fun and carefree. They remind us of the wide skirts of the women of that period that hid a "very private but sensual intimacy. They came back into fashion a few years ago thanks to brands like Oysho, Tezenis but also Intimissimi and Yamamay and we can no longer do without them. They are perfect briefs. for a look in turn with a high waist: with a longuette, with palazzo pants, but also with a mom jeans or with a sheath dress. The advantage of these briefs is that they also act as a waistband without tightening too much, and therefore slim the hips and belly especially under tight dresses or very tight skirts.You can find them both in Brazilian style, but also with simple briefs, both in cotton and in woven fabrics, intra silk or lace full of retro magic!

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Lace briefs for an elegant outfit (or a promising evening!)

The lace briefs is a guarantee of sensuality and mystery, especially if you choose it in colors such as black, dark green, petrol but also in burgundy or purple. You can opt for a culotte, a thong or a Brazilian depending on the outfit you choose. It is not a comfortable material, but it is certainly to be worn on special occasions, elegant or with very hot endings.

. To be avoided if you wear very light fabrics that adhere to the body and would be "ruined" by the lace itself.

Brazilian briefs to enhance the shapes

The Brazilian is the perfect cross between a thong and a simple slip. Widest part from the hips to go thinner up to the middle of the buttocks. It then disappears between the buttocks, framing their shapes with a certain sensuality. You can find it in cotton, microfibre , in silk and lace, both on a simple slip and on a culotte. The Brazilian enhances the shape of the butt, even the less generous ones, and guarantees a wow effect, as long as you take it the right size! Perfect for an outfit casual but also in a chic and sexy version!

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Invisible briefs for very light or tight looks

Invisible briefs are a real salvation: they are seamless, often raw cut and super stretch. We can find them both in cotton, to be preferred, and in microfiber, really very comfortable. They are perfect for very tight outfits, under which we do not want to see any stitching, but also under very light fabrics such as silk or satin. The truth is that they are also very comfortable, especially if we sit all day or if we have just had a groin wax!

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Push-up briefs for a fabulous butt

Push-up briefs are a real revolution for those who don't have a very pronounced B-side. There are many occasions to wear a sheath dress or a fitted dress, but we often feel discouraged because we don't really like the free fall effect of the dress in the back. We can learn how to dress to enhance a flat bottom, or learn to choose the right pants according to your B side. The fact is that sometimes we need more support and for this the push up briefs are a revolution! Whether they have two holes to support the buttocks or have various kinds of padding, including silicone, this type of slip will have more or less this type of effect, at least for one evening.


Plus size briefs to enhance every curve!

The right briefs if you are curvy women are those that do not mortify your curves or that do not mark the hips. In short, they are comfortable briefs, not too skimpy and that leave ample room for your sensuality to show off. If you have wide hips, avoid very thin thongs or g-strings because they could "choke" them and create the roll effect that affects the whole look. Opt for Brazilian or culottes, just like the ones we offer here:

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