Fall 2018 lipstick trends: these are the colors EVERYONE wants now!

Don't like the idea of ​​facing the cold and rainy days of autumn? This is the time to fight back with your makeup colors!

To help you in this battle, we have created a shopping guide with the main lipstick trends for autumn-winter 2018-2019. We will show you how to fight the cold with grace and beauty!

Before starting, watch our video tutorial with all the tips to apply the lipstick perfectly and get ready to create elegant and trendy looks!

Classic and chic: the bright red lipstick with a matte finish

Classic red lips never go out of style and are one of the most important autumn trends. The advantage of choosing a classic and vibrant lipstick color is that you can combine it with elements that never go out of style such as high-waisted jeans. , a white shirt or a beige turtleneck. Nothing better than a neutral tone look to create an elegant look where the lips are the protagonists!

We offer lipsticks with finish mat, or with a matte effect: it will make your look even more important.

Tip: Matte lipsticks usually dry out your skin a little, so on colder days make sure you moisturize your lips well with a lip balm or lip moisturizer.

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Revlon Moisturizing Red Lipstick

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Red Matte Liquid Lipstick L "Oréal Paris

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Maybelline red matte liquid lipstick

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A delightful trend: strawberry red lipstick

A trick to prolong your summer feeling a little more! The most successful shades of lipstick of this autumn-winter 2018-2019 focus mainly on red: in addition to the classic version (bright and chic), you can also focus on a tone brighter like a greedy strawberry-red.
If you have a lighter complexion, this trend is for you!

Tip: To keep your lipstick color more vibrant throughout the day, try coloring your lips first with a primer, some foundation, or some concealer. So you can create the perfect foundation, covering fine lines and wrinkles.

Long-lasting strawberry lipstick L "Oréal Paris & Isabel Marant Limited Edition

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Artdeco Strawberry Red Lipstick

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DNI Make Up matte finish lipsticks

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Fashion eye: Try a deep purple lipstick for a bold look

Do you want to stand out with more original colors? You should try the purple lipstick trend! There are countless options: bright lip gloss, a darker lipstick with a matte effect or, if you want to be even more daring, a lipstick with a chrome effect!

We have selected different types of purple lipsticks for sale on Amazon!

Tip: this is the time to play with the shape of the lips! This color offers a great contrast with the skin of any shade: then try to accentuate the outline of your lips with a neutral colored pencil and then, using a brush, apply the purple lipstick accentuating the points of your mouth that you like the most. !

For a balanced make-up, don't overdo it too much with the shades of the eyes: a little mascara and eyeliner are enough!

Intense purple lipstick L "Oréal Paris Limited Edition Balmain Collection

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Purple liquid lipstick with lacquer effect L "Oréal Paris

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Estée Lauder purple lipstick with chrome effect

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Deep, mysterious, warm: the very dark red lipstick!

Do you want to have fuller lips? We have a tip for you: dark red (or wine) lipsticks with a gloss effect are ideal for giving an extra volume effect and adding charm to your face.

Don't forget: for this autumn-winter, focus on shades of red!

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Rimmel dark red lipstick

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MAnhattan dark red lipstick

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Moisturizing dark red lip gloss O.TWO.O

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