The Horoscope for March 2018: it's your time, Aries!

Aries: number 1!

Dear Aries, the month of March sees you as the absolute protagonist of the zodiac! Starting from day 6, the planets will line up so favorably that they bring you lots of news, twists, emotions and much more. Venus and Mercury will enter your sign to stay there for the whole month. In love you will finally be able to resolve a complicated situation and enjoy all the beauty that a relationship can offer you. Even at work there will be satisfactions: the time has come to step forward without fear, your every dream could come true! Just be careful not to get too tired with all these news: starting from day 17, Mars will no longer be favorable and you may feel a little stress. Here are three adjectives to describe you:

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Taurus: full speed ahead!

Dear Toro, in February the results were not lacking and you were able to recover some of that serenity that you had lost in the previous period. The month of March promises to maintain and carry on these premises, guaranteeing you stability and all the conditions necessary to grow and feel good. Of course, you cannot forget the opposition of Jupiter which makes it more difficult now to make progress from a professional point of view and creates some economic problems ... but from a sentimental point of view you will be able to make the bond you are experiencing even stronger and more stable. From day 17, Mars gives you an extra gear and an excellent psycho-physical recovery.

Gemini: great recovery!

Dear Gemini, the month of February was pretty heavy for your sign, but now - finally - the music is changing! Starting from day 6 you will be able to celebrate the entry of Venus and Mercury in the sign of Aries, which will bring you great luck in every area of ​​your life. In love, the crisis can finally return or - in the case of a recent breakup - you will have all the strength to put yourself first and move on. The new matches, on the other hand, will be favored. Furthermore, starting from day 17, you will no longer have to endure the opposition of Mars that made you feel tired and without strength: you will recover better and return more sunny and bubbly than ever!

Cancer: Mars in opposition ...

Dear Cancer, unfortunately the month of March will not be as favorable as the one just passed ... Starting from day 6, in fact, you will find yourself dealing with the disfavour of both Venus and Mercury. In the sentimental field, the discussions with the partner could become more frequent and degenerate into real quarrels that will not be easy to heal without the good will of both. At work, however, you may encounter some more obstacles, mainly caused by the lack of collaboration (and communication) with those close to you. Starting from day 17, then, the opposition of Mars will also be added, which will make you feel rather tired and lacking in energy ... don't give up!

Leo: your revenge!

Dear Leone, it's finally time for a rematch! In the last period you have felt put on the bench: your qualities and skills have not been appreciated and recognized as you would have deserved, but now it will be a whole other story. Starting from day 6, the planet Mercury will act in your favor to give you all the opportunities that have been denied you so far, bringing you new professional meetings and new opportunities. Even in love, the situation will see a clear improvement: Venus promises to warm even the loneliest of the lion's hearts! If you already have a partner, your relationship could take a big step forward.

Virgo: the worst behind!

Dear Virgo, you have left the worst behind you at last! In February you had to suffer the opposition of both Venus and Mercury, but now - starting from day 6 - both planets will leave you a little in peace. Some of you may have experienced a real sentimental crisis and now you may want to do some single life ... Others, on the other hand, will be able to mend a relationship that seemed definitively torn apart, even if it will take time and patience . At work, things finally begin to unblock and the opportunities, little by little, will come back. From day 17, even Mars returns to smile at you, giving you a lot of energy.

Libra: a heavy month ...

Dear Libra, unfortunately the month of March promises to be quite heavy for your sign ... Starting from day 6, in fact, both the planet Venus and the planet Mercury will come into opposition and may create blocks and slowdowns in the workplace and moments of crisis in the sentimental one. March will not be the best month to throw yourself into some new project, step forward for a new position or take initiative: it is better to wait until the opposition is over if you do not want to run into obstacles that are difficult to overcome for the moment. Even in love, it will not be the ideal time to meet the man of your life: be careful not to get infatuated too quickly with those who probably don't deserve it!

Scorpio: time to slow down ...

Dear Scorpio, if the month of February has given you so many emotions and a good sprint in the workplace, the month of March asks you to slow down for a moment and take stock of the situation. No planet will be against you, indeed! Remember that this year you will be able to count on the conjunction of Jupiter and the favor of Saturn, slow planets that will lead you to achieve something great. However, now, there is a need to stop for a moment and take care of strengthening all the bonds and beautiful relationships you have formed so far. Furthermore, starting from day 17, Mars will become favorable to your sign and will give you back all the energy spent in the last period with interest, preparing you to reach new goals.

Sagittarius: great!

Dear Sagittarius, March will be a really great month for your sign! February has tortured you a lot, but now you can recover and start again on the right foot. Starting from day 6, Venus will no longer be unfavorable and you will finally be able to define the relationship you are experiencing and to understand if you are truly in love or not ... Who is in a couple, rediscover the lost serenity.At work, Mercury assures you of success in any assignment you are entrusted with: if you have experienced problems in the office with bosses or colleagues in the last period, now peace and harmony are back and you will be able to perform at your best! Mars remains in your sign until day 17, giving you all the strength and determination you need to triumph.

Capricorn: obstacles to overcome ...

Dear Capricorn, the month of March represents a stop signal in your bright 2018. Unfortunately this month will not be very lucky for your sign, who will be forced to stop (momentarily) the beautiful climb he was making. Starting from day 6, in fact, both the planet Venus and the planet Mercury will become unfavorable and you will see obstacles, more or less serious, appear on your path. Don't worry: Mars, starting from day 17, will come into conjunction and will give you all the strength and energy you need to face and overcome every block. Try to be patient, especially in the workplace, the results will come in the coming months.

Aquarius: lots of news!

Dear Aquarius, finally the month of March brings a bit of novelty and freshness into your life, which lately was quite confused ... From day 6, you can count on Mercury's favor: this planet will open up new possibilities, bringing you interesting encounters and surrounding you of people and occasions that you would not have even imagined! Venus will also be on your side and in love things will go great. For singles it will be easy to meet a very attractive suitor, and from the seduction game something serious could be born ... Great physical strength and energy until day 17 thanks to the favor of Mars, which will make you even more irresistible!

Pisces: serenity and energy!

Dear Pisces, the month of February for your sign was truly unique. The planets Venus and Mercury have brought you new opportunities and feelings, but now they are forced to abandon you to continue their tour. Don't worry, though: all the beautiful things they gave you in the last period remain in your hands and you can still benefit from them for a long time! If you have met someone interesting or perhaps started a new relationship, the month of March will be able to strengthen it and give you the stability and serenity you are looking for. Furthermore, starting from day 17, the planet Mars will stop being unfavorable to you and will bring you so much energy: you will really feel like new again!

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