"When I'm gone": a dying 27-year-old leaves his son a box full of letters.

Rafael's father was 27, with terminal cancer and still a lot of things to say to his 8-year-old son.
So, she decides to write him a letter for every important event in his life that he will not be able to attend. He collects them in a box and lets his mother deliver it to him once he's dead.

When I'm gone

if you are reading this letter it means that I am already dead.
I'm sorry. I knew I was dying. I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want to see you cry.
I think those who are dying can afford to be a little selfish.
As you can see, I still have so much to teach you. After all, you are too small and you still don't know anything about anything, right?
So, I wrote these letters for you. Promise me you'll open them when the right time comes, okay?
This is our deal.
Take care of mom. You're the family man now.
I love you,
Mom didn't get any letters. She took the car.

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After a furious fight with your mother

For real. I don't know what you fought over and I don't know if you're right or not.
But I know what your mother is like. And if you apologize in a humble and respectful way, she will overlook everything.
It's your mom, son. He loves you more than anything else in the world.
Do you know he decided to give birth the old fashioned way, without anesthesia or medicine, because he was told it was best for you? Do you need more proof of his love?
Apologize, she will forgive you.
I love you,

When you lose your virginity

Congratulations, son!
Don't worry - it gets better over time. It always sucks the first time.
Mine happened with a very ugly woman ... who was also a prostitute.
My biggest fear is that you will go to your mother and ask her what "virginity" is after reading the letter.
I love you,

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When you become a father

Now you know what true love is, son.
Sure, you've already loved her, but with that "little creature in your arms you will try a whole other" thing. I don't know if it's a boy or a girl: I'm a corpse, not a fortune-teller!
Have fun. Do wonderful things together. Time will fly, make sure you are always there. Don't miss a moment, they won't come back.
Be a role model for your child. I know you have what it takes to be a great dad, just like me.

When your mother dies

It's mine now.

When your time comes

Hi son,
I hope you are an old man.
You know, this was the easiest letter to write. I think when you get close to the end, you start to see everything better. It can be more direct.
In the last few days I have been thinking a lot about my life. It was short but beautiful. I was your father, your mother's husband ... what more could I ask for?
I'm leaving in peace: now it's up to you to find it.
My only advice: don't be afraid.
I miss you,