Healthy office life? Here are 5 items that will improve your work day

Dry air, sitting for hours staring at a screen.
Not to mention the colleagues who, to sweeten each other's day, always offer you food!
Leading a healthy life at work seems rather difficult.
Here are some valuable tips to make your working day (and that of your colleagues) a little healthier.
You will notice a significant change within a few days and if you feel better physically, you will work better!
Look at the 5 essential items for a healthier standard of living, even for those with a sedentary job.

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Medisana UHW Humidifier and ultrasonic air purifier

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Contact lens wearers usually notice it first: dry air, in the summer due to the air conditioning, and in the winter from the constant heating. Not only does it cause eye problems, but it also makes us more susceptible to conjunctivitis. the same thing happens with the mucous membranes in our respiratory tract. Influenza viruses have therefore the green light!
If your coworkers don't want to turn down their heating or air conditioning, or if the weather doesn't allow it, you can simply put a humidifier near your desk. You will help everyone right now in the most critical season!

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Bonmedico Orthopedic Pillow


Most employers make sure their employees sit in comfortable chairs. But each of us is different. So it could be that your back becomes damaged after some time.

With this ergonomic cushion by Bonmedico you can optimize the seat of the chair, so that there is no tension on the back and neck, the areas most affected in these cases. Its shape "forces you" to maintain a healthy posture. Also remember to get up at least once a hour to drink a glass of water or to go to the bathroom!

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Mad Giga Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard Pads

Have you ever thought about it? Keeping your hand on the mouse and typing on the keyboard all day can hurt your wrists in the long run. Often mice are too small or too big for your hands and make sure you keep your arms tense all the time. This could lead to "inflammation of the connective tissue surrounding the tendons.
That's why it's best to attach a mouse pad with a cushion to rest your wrist.
This one from Mad Giga also has a keyboard counterpart. Goodbye tendonitis!

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TaoTronics LED Table Lamp

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Working in front of the screen or reading printed documents is extremely tiring on the eyes.
Especially in the winter season, when you work more often with artificial light, it can have an impact on your vision. This lamp has 6 brightness levels and 3 different color intensities. You can turn it on gradually, as the natural light goes out, to give your tired eyes time to get used to.

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Somerset 24 Bars with dried fruit and chocolate


It is useless to deny it: junk food is always a consolation. Each of you has your own supply of snacks and sweets to recharge with.
But do you know that healthy food is not only healthier but more nutritious and will help you focus better on what you do?
Here is a great compromise: energy bars with a delicious mix of dried fruit and chocolate.
Offer them to your colleagues and take advantage of the benefits of superfood.

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