Are you shy? Here are 7 life-saving tips for the first date

Every date always causes great anxiety, let alone if it's the first. Let's imagine if, in addition to being the first, you are also a shy girl who hates situations far from her comfort zone.
To be clear, you have to be ready for anything when your ideal evening is pizza + film ...

Sometimes, it can also happen that funny encounters occur that you can't help but tell your best friends between a pinch of shame and lots of laughter. Here are some examples in the video below:

But if you want to try to see how it is on the other side of the sofa, that is, you want to be the protagonist of a film instead of the one who watches them with a bowl of popcorn in hand ...
Here are some tips!

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1. Remember that you are human

Human beings are not perfect, neither is Blake Lively, although everything he does and says seems to prove otherwise.
Do not carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, you will get tired and get absolutely nothing: moments of silence will be inevitable. Smile at embarrassment and continue your evening, don't be afraid!

2. Don't forget to love yourself

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If in normal life you tend to be a "jeans + t-shirt" person, showing up on a date with a long dress and 12 heel could make you incredibly uncomfortable, especially because it is far from your being.
Look for a compromise, elegant but without giving up something that pampers you: don't add anxiety to your anxieties!

3. Be prepared

Find out what the evening's conversations might be. If your date is a "friend of friends" you can ask them what his interests are while if it is a guy he met on an app, in 97% of cases, you will have taken a look at his social networks ... topics to start from will certainly make you feel calmer!

4. Make a plan B

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First of all, make sure your friends know where you are in case an emergency "operation is needed, and also make sure you have a plan B.
This can be an aunt who has been locked in the house, your roommate who is arguing with the neighbor's cat, your niece who desperately needs paracetamol and you must necessarily go to the pharmacy ... If the situation is really terrible , no one forbids you to get out!

5. Find the best way to search

For some, apps are the new frontier of communication, while others prefer to go to a bar and interact with the people at the counter: neither method is wrong, you just have to figure out which one is best for you.
Okay, force yourself a little to get out of the comfort zone, but if pushing too hard makes you feel bad ... There is nothing wrong with wanting to take a step back!

6. Don't kill the conversation

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There are thousands of multiple choice questions that can be answered: "yes", "no", "maybe".
The problem is that these questions don't lead to other questions and risk killing an argument in the bud.
"You have a dog"
At that point, one of those awkward silences, necessary but still embarrassing, will arise that could put you in trouble.
Always add something to your answer and don't forget to ask your interlocutor questions!

7. Schedule a four-way appointment

Go out with a "friend and plan" an appointment with her: a double date is certainly less demanding than a single date, especially if one of the people sitting at the table knows you and is ready to run to meet you in case of need.

After all, we know it's true: having an ally next to you can really make a difference!

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