5 reasons why all children should play sports!

Practicing sports from an early age is good, indeed, very good! Sport is essential to grow harmoniously, both from a physical and psychological point of view. The children who practice it strengthen the body, but they also learn the importance of fundamental values ​​such as friendship, solidarity, self-discipline, self-confidence, teamwork.

Let's find out together what are the 5 reasons why all children should play sports! And if you are undecided about which sport to choose for your child, listen to the advice of our nanny:

1. Sport is good for health!

For a child, playing sports is very important, first of all for his health. Regular physical activity will help him develop the bone system, keep weight under control, improve circulation and strengthen the entire body, preventing disease.

A child who has played sports will become a healthier adult: they will have developed better muscles, coordination skills, balance and elasticity, as well as strength, speed and endurance. If even for a few years he stops exercising, his body will remember these benefits and it will be easier for him to start over with the most correct setting.

Sport will also help the child to prevent obesity, accelerating metabolism and - above all - avoiding those incorrect eating habits that derive from a sedentary lifestyle, such as eating snacks in front of the TV.

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2. Sport teaches you to share and socialize!

Sport is the moment of sharing par excellence: it maximizes the ability to socialize, teaching the smallest fundamental values ​​such as brotherhood, dialogue, altruism. In sport, in fact, there are no longer any differences in language or culture: children learn to collaborate by putting aside individualism, making new friends and experimenting with new social skills.

It is no coincidence that this year Conad wanted to reward an area such as sports with the Scrittori di Classe - Sport Chroniclers project, created in collaboration with eight journalists from Gazzetta dello Sport and eight famous champions of the most popular disciplines for adults and children. . Starting from March 19th until May 13th, for every 15 euros spent, a stamp will be given to collect the books of the Scrittori di Classe - Chroniclers of sport program. It is a series of 8 books for children, each dedicated to a different sport. These are original and amusing stories of friendship, loyalty, a healthy spirit of competition: all very important values ​​linked to sport, which with this initiative becomes a key to engagement to promote reading among elementary and middle school children. Each book also contains an "interview made by the children themselves with the testimonial champion of the sport in question (from Gennaro Gattuso to Federica Pellegrini), as well as an autographed bookmark. So that sport can become, from page to page, one spur, a stimulus to improve, but above all a beautiful metaphor for life.

Together with the stamp, you will receive a Together for the School voucher, the collection that will allow Italian schools to obtain free teaching materials, computer equipment and other items for school activities. Children, teenagers and their families will be able to hand over the vouchers. collected at the school they wish to reward: each school, thanks to the vouchers received, will be able to choose the material and equipment it will receive free of charge from the Catalog of prizes. It will not be necessary to send any vouchers: Conad will provide the school with a free App with which to load the vouchers in a simple and automatic way. Once you have downloaded the App, available for IOS and Android devices, simply read the barcode printed on the back of each voucher. The school balance will increase by one point for each voucher loaded.

3. Sport educates to discipline and organization!

Sport for a child is a real school! Practicing physical activity on a regular basis, in fact, will help him develop organizational skills, order and method. Learning the rules of the game and learning to respect them will educate him to discipline in everyday life, also bringing excellent results in school performance.

Sport, in fact, prepares children for learning, stimulates them in small forms of competition which, however, serve to guide aggression through the rules. In this way the child will be able to physically release his tensions, but in a completely healthy way, while at the same time learning the importance of respect and discipline even outside the gym or the sports field.

4. Sport teaches the importance of effort and commitment!

Nothing more than sport can help your child understand the importance of effort and commitment to achieve results in life. Sport, in fact, will immediately make it clear to him that to achieve one's goals it is necessary to work hard, train consistently and never give up!

Psychologists confirm that sport helps the child to develop the so-called "anevrotic willpower", the one in which - that is - achieving a result does not become a neurosis, a kind of obsession: one learns to aim high, but aware that a sometimes you can win and sometimes you can't. This attitude will undoubtedly help the child to better deal with every difficulty he will encounter on his path, without giving up or considering any really insurmountable obstacles. And in case of defeat, sport will teach him to manage disappointment and make it a stimulus to continue to commit himself. .

5. Sport increases self-esteem!

Sport helps the child to become more aware of himself, favoring the development of his personality in the most harmonious way. Sports practice is very important, in fact, to strengthen the character: you come into contact with your body, you learn to know its ability, the answers, feeling more and more at ease. This serene relationship with one's physicality is really essential to be able to assume more and more security as one grows and becomes more self-aware.

The child, practicing physical activity, will become more and more autonomous, and if you have chosen the right sport for him, the results will not be lacking, with the first great satisfactions attached! Succeeding well at something he likes will make him even more confident.

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