This is why you should act single even if you are in a relationship

Being single in a relationship does not mean signing up on Tinder and going to as many dates as possible, but it means first of all being happy with yourself so that you can be doubly happy with the person next to you: after all, life. of a couple is far from "always being roses and flowers ...

  1. · Your everything is you
  2. · You will have something to talk about
  3. · You do not need to ask for his opinion to organize
  4. You will be less likely to run into a toxic relationship
  5. · You will not be destroyed should it end

Your everything is you

Given that you are the person with whom you will spend your entire existence, be your priority. Do not take yourself for granted and do not take for granted those who have decided to live next to you.
The time together will certainly be great, but it is right to know how to carve out your own time, so as to understand well who you are and what you are looking for.

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You will have something to talk about

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Couples who share every single second of every single day, what do they talk about when they go out for dinner?
Living adventures together is certainly great, but knowing that two people independently choose to share their time is also great! Of all, choose to be together and not out of necessity, but because that's exactly what you want.

You don't need to ask for his opinion to organize

Unless it's a long-scheduled appointment, you can always decide what to do without worrying too much about his opinion. The person next to you, of course, will have the opportunity to do the same: you will then find yourself at home, together, with a lot of things to share!

You will be less likely to run into a toxic relationship

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Needless to say, relationships in which you are not feeling well are not good for you.
Wanting to check his social networks 23 times a day and not trust what he supports, consumes you and, in the long run, could destroy all your certainties.
Don't give all the power to the person you love, remember you are there!

You will not be destroyed in case it ends

The end of a relationship is never an easy thing, but if you remember how to walk alone, you certainly have a better chance of getting back on your feet quickly than someone who did not take a step without having the approval of the loved one.
It does not mean that yours was a love "less" than what the others had, you simply decided to choose yourselves, as a couple and alone: ​​you were strong before and now, you will certainly know how to be strong even now!

Don't be afraid to be yourself: if Barbie has managed to change after 50 perfectly identical years, think about what you could do!

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