How to clean your hairbrush in 3 steps

After a while, especially in the period of hair loss, the brush becomes a sort of shady cemetery, where all our broken, pulled, fallen, in short, dead hairs find themselves. How to clean one of the most important objects of our daily use? Here are 3 simple steps, and since after it will be as good as new, immediately launch into the hairstyle that best suits you!

1. Scrub the brush

Take a battle comb and pull the hair out of the brush. Yes, you fight your brush with a comb and when you're done, she'll be practically bald. Once the hair residues have been removed, it will be time for a bath ...

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2. Give her a bath

Study now love later. Soak for an hour in warm water and bicarbonate: the baby will be as good as new. Two teaspoons of baking soda will help sterilize it well, and warm water will help the process. After the bath ...

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3. Brush her teeth

All that remains is to have a toothbrush to brush the brush! Yes, so you can clean the bristles well and remove the last impurities. And be careful: before reusing your curl, make sure it is dry! You will not want to ruin your hairstyle on the most beautiful!

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