Giving birth would make the woman 11 years old. Did you know?

Yes, according to the latest studies, giving birth and having children would age the cellular DNA of the woman by about 11 years. To say it is a research, published in the journal "Human Reproduction", conducted on 2000 American women of reproductive age. The search results? Those who gave birth to a child had altered genetic markers and accelerated cellular aging, equivalent to nearly 11 years of life. But how does this happen? Before finding out, you should ask yourself "what if it was a man who gave birth?" Watch:

Something "different" in the DNA of the women who have given birth

Everything is summed up in the degradation of particular particles present in DNA: telomeres. These particles are found at the end of each chromosome and have a decisive function not for genetic information, but for the life span of the cell. Basically, the longer they are, the longer the life span of the cell will be. When studying telomeres, the researchers noticed something strange in women who had given birth: the telomeres of these women appear 4.2% shorter than those who have never had children. This percentage would correspond to the 11 years of life mentioned above.

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The more children you have, the older you get?

It would therefore seem that post-partum aging is similar to that caused by smoking: in fact, smoking causes cellular aging of about 4 years. Another interesting aspect of the report is that the length of telomeres appears to vary according to the number of children they have: the more daughters, the shorter the telomeres.
It is still unclear how and why this happens, all efforts are aimed not at depressing young mothers, but at finding out how to improve our lives! So keep in touch and don't miss the splendor of having a baby, look at:

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