Cancer Ascendant Gemini: exuberant, yet empathetic and introspective

Gemini with Cancer ascendant has an intense and charming personality, and is also reliable in love. Thanks to the ascendant! In fact, Gemini is among the most traitorous and libertine signs of the zodiac, but according to the horoscope, the Cancer ascendant curbs his desire for escapades. Find out which are the signs that betray the most and are prone to extramarital affairs among the 12 of the zodiac: watch our video and then find out when it's best to keep your eyes open!
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The zodiac sign of Gemini: dynamic, creative, complicated in love

In Western astrology, those born between May 21 and June 21 belong to the sign of Gemini. The natural element of this sign is Air, its dominant planet Mercury, its color gray, its birthstone agate, its flower the carnation, its perfume the acacia. This sign comes already in spring which has long begun, it is a true prelude to summer, sunny and lively. The natives of this sign are expansive, lovers of change, dynamism like all the "Air" signs of the horoscope (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), who possess excellent intellectual qualities, artistic flair, imagination, originality and a combative and quite impetuous. Geminis want to frantically go through all the possible adventures and experiences of life, living intensely and traveling as many roads as possible. Among the various signs of the horoscope is the one particularly inclined to oral and written communication, has a quick intelligence and a good mental openness. Geminis love to know and absorb everything like sponges. The natives of this zodiac sign are always vital and curious about everything, because they appreciate every little thing, every event with almost childlike amazement and joy and enjoy it to the full. They are tirelessly curious and on the move. Their always awake mind weaves what it learns and uses it magically, even putting it to good use soon. They know how to focus, but sometimes the urge to do too much can distract their attention. They are often too drastic in interpersonal relationships and even in love, but without the will to hurt others, as they are not fragile individuals and are endowed with a good dose of self-irony. Geminis suffer from restlessness, love the outdoors and suffer from psychosomatic illnesses. Too hyperactive, they often suffer from insomnia and overwork fatigue.In love they analyze and express their feelings with difficulty. They consider the need for affection of others as possessiveness and often fear it, even if sooner or later they seek a stable relationship, always after having reached a good level of communication with the partner. They feel attraction to the signs of Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, they love their rationality and the ease of externalizing their emotions.

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The Gemini - Cancer: a combination of charm and sensitivity.

In romantic relationships this sign with this ascendant is a skilled seducer, but he also loves to be desired a lot. If you are a Gemini-Cancer your partner must conquer your soul and your intellect. To be successful in the professional field you have good cards to play: sympathy, a good dialectic, your charm, a particular ability to communicate with others.
Sometimes you are discontinuous in your commitment, but only if the work does not completely satisfy you. In this case you definitely change direction. Writing is certainly among your talents. You could professionally orient yourself in this direction. A Gemini with a Cancer ascendant takes his responsibility and matures slowly. Despite being gifted with creativity, he does not have sufficient self-esteem to always carry out his plans. He always looks for someone who organizes his life and work and gives him rules. Although he has a sensitive soul, he loves pleasure very much, luxury and cannot give it up easily. He needs inner security so as not to become too vulnerable to criticism for his Cancerian side, in love and at work. His hint of immaturity even in adulthood increases his charm. sentiment and humanity, the native of this sign with this ascendant, sometimes runs the risk of not making the most appropriate choices and not being able to fully realize the his projects. It has a changing character, influenced by the environment and atmosphere in which it lives. To feel good about himself he needs love in the family and a peaceful work environment.

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Characteristics of Cancer as an ascendant: sensitive, and somewhat touchy

Those born with Cancer ascendant are endowed with enormous sensitivity. Emotion dominates his life. Only feeling understood and loved makes him satisfied. Everything else depends on this: friends, social relations, work. If he feels troubled and depressed, he cannot think straight. His home, his place of birth, the friends of his youth and the people he loves are fundamental in his life. Sometimes he reacts unpredictably, precisely because his emotional side prevails. He does not like competition at work, he does not like to command and take on roles of great responsibility. In fact, even the Cancer ascendant feels very much the influence of the Moon, which makes him sensitive and dreamy, but also empathetic and sociable. he often has an artistic sense, he loves new experiences, travels, but at the same time he is tied to the house and to the family like an oyster to the rock. He tends to melancholy and is often touchy and touchy. He becomes jealous of his partner, precisely because he is looking for certainties and reassurance.

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