There are slippers that return to their place on their own. Who wouldn't want them?

We know perfectly well that in the morning, between runs to the office / school, the children's backpacks, dark circles to cover and so on ... the last thought is to put the slippers in order. But what happens in the evening when you get back home you just can't remember where you left them? You curse yourself for being so messy but in the end the next morning it starts the same. That's why you may be happy to know that there are slippers that come back on their own.
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How do slippers work that come back on their own

These slippers they are like cars: they can "park" themselves. A novelty that a hotel in Japan has decided to make available for its customers. The technology behind the operation of these tech slippers, as well as coffee tables and floor cushions, comes from Nissan and from its now known ProPILOT Park which allows its cars to park in a completely autonomous way. Et voilà:

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In this case, this technology was granted to the ProPILOT Park Ryokan hotel which, although it looks like any traditional Japanese hotel, has the slippers that by pressing a simple button, they can automatically return to their place on their own. In short, no more hours of research: just a click and the slippers will come back to you!

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