Weekly horoscope from 9 to 15 July 2018: Venus in the sign of Virgo!

Aries: with the favor of Mercury!

Dear Aries, this week focuses everything on your passions: Favorable Mercury will give you more than one opportunity to be able to find that personal fulfillment you aspire to. The luckiest days, from this point of view, will be those of Tuesday and Wednesday, when the moon will also act in your favor.Instead, pay attention to Thursday and Friday: there is a risk that something will not go as you planned.

Taurus: Venus returns to smile at you!

Dear Toro, ready for rematch? Finally this week Venus returns to smile at you! The planet of love, after an unfavorable transit that has created many tensions in your life as a couple, is now ready to give you emotions and a lot of passion. Monday will be a super-lucky day, with the moon in the sign, but there will also be satisfactions on Thursday and Friday. A little tired at the weekend ...

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Gemini: heart problems ...

Dear Gemini, unfortunately the planet Venus turns its back on you this week. They will be days of tension and discussion with the partner, in which it will really take a lot of patience to be able to understand each other and find an agreement. Bet everything on the super lucky days of Tuesday and Wednesday, when the moon in conjunction will help you put the strength of feeling first. Good news and some nice surprises are expected at work ...

Cancer: long live love!

Dear Cancer, Venus is finally back on your side! A very positive period of feeling begins for your sign. Meetings for singles are favored, especially possible on moon days in conjunction - Thursday and Friday. Those who are already in a couple, on the other hand, will experience days full of complicity and passion, and if you have recently had doubts about your partner, you will be able to calm down. Find out immediately if the sign of your him is inclined to betray:

Leone: a plus!

Dear Leo, starting this week Venus will abandon your sign to move into that of Virgo. Don't worry, though: in the last period you have laid the foundations for a solid and lasting relationship, the stars will continue to guarantee you passion and emotion. Mercury in conjunction, for its part, continues to give you an edge: between Tuesday and Wednesday you could receive some good news. Super lucky weekend!

Virgo: welcome, Venus!

Dear Virgo, great news for you: this week the planet Venus enters your sign! A period full of emotions, revolutions and good news in the sentimental field begins. Single women could meet the man of their dreams, while those who have been in a couple for a long time might think about living together, or in any case they will be able to strengthen their relationship. Lucky days: Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Libra: a peaceful week ...

Dear Libra, continue a period of serenity for your sign, protected by the planet Mercury. Between Tuesday and Wednesday a lucky moon will give you some nice surprises: take advantage of these days to get ahead, especially in the workplace, and you will be rewarded. Some small problems or slowdowns could be created, instead on Thursday and Friday. The weekend will be all about feelings!

Scorpio: in love the serene returns ...

Dear Scorpio, finally this week Venus returns to be on your side, after having caused many problems to your relationship in the last period. The time has come to clarify yourselves and to choose together, without tension, the direction to take. Monday will be a somewhat tiring day, in which the moon in opposition together with Mercury's disfavor could cause you problems or slowdowns, especially in the workplace.

Sagittarius: penis of love ...

Dear Sagittarius, unfortunately this week the planet Venus will take a negative aspect for your sign. If you are in a relationship, quarrels and misunderstandings could arise: be careful not to pull too hard ... The days of Tuesday and Wednesday, with the moon in opposition, will be particularly heavy. Fortunately, Mercury will take care of cheering you up: good news and satisfaction are expected in the field of work.

Capricorn: Venus is on your side!

Dear Capricorn, Venus finally returns to be favorable to your sign! For a few weeks the tensions with the partner had subsided, but you continued to harbor a certain discontent. Now the planet of love will give you a period of great serenity for two, full of emotions. Be careful, however, on Thursdays and Fridays, when the opposition of the moon could make you particularly nervous ...

Aquarius: a sigh of relief!

Dear Aquarius, ready to breathe a good sigh of relief? Finally this week Venus will no longer be in opposition to your sign! The last few weeks have been really tough from a sentimental point of view, but now you will find the lost calm and serenity, whether it is also about ending a relationship that no longer works and starting over from yourself. Lucky days: Tuesday and Wednesday. Nervous days: Saturday and Sunday.

Pisces: Venus opposite ...

Dear Pisces, unfortunately there is no good news for your sign ... This week the planet Venus will come into opposition. The tensions and the unsaid of the last period could suddenly explode and undermine the tranquility of the couple. Pay particular attention to the nervous days of Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when an unfavorable moon could worsen the situation. Speak clearly and trust what you feel.

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