Christmas cookies: here is the equipment to make them

The end of year celebrations are approaching and Christmas cookies are a great gift to give to work colleagues and can also be a good idea to complete the Christmas gifts for your family, as well as being the protagonists of snacks and decorations. festive!

If you have not yet thought about what would be the ideal recipe to make them or you do not have any Christmas recipe book to look for traditional techniques, watch our video tutorial and find out how to prepare a delicious and original recipe for green tea biscuits at home:

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Decoration of Christmas cookies

The decorations of Christmas cookies are very important to make them original. There are several ideas of decorations online: from traditional and elegant, to the most original and trendy, the design that is created above the biscuits is what defines the style and originality, also because, the shapes are practically always the same: puppet of snow, Christmas tree, Reindeer, snowflake, candy cane, etc.

How to make a perfect decoration?

To make a perfect Christmas cookie decoration, you must first of all have the right equipment: piping bags, decorative nozzles, quality food coloring and some elements of food decoration such as glitter or edible metallic leaves.

In addition to the equipment, a perfect icing recipe ensures that your designs are full-bodied, colorful and well done. The icing recipe is quite simple: just mix 100 grams of powdered sugar along with 2 tablespoons of water at room temperature.

If, on the other hand, you want a slightly tastier glaze, just replace the water with whole milk and add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract!

And to create the colored glaze, just add a few drops of food coloring to the recipe. You can easily find an infinity of edible shades and decorations on Amazon.

Check out some Christmas cookie decorating inspiration:

© Christmas cookie inspiration

Set of 26 steel Christmas shapes

Made of stainless steel, this set of 26 cookie cutters contains different Christmas-themed designs such as Christmas tree, stars, socks, reindeer and angel. In addition, the set also offers some bunny, unicorn and other shapes to be used on other festive occasions too!

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Set of silicone molds for Christmas cookies

For baking delicious Christmas cookies with ease, these Christmas-themed silicone molds are perfect for creating even, precise designs effortlessly. The set contains 4 beautiful designs and the hand holder will make it easier to cut the cookie dough.

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ScrapCooking Christmas Cookie Cutter Kit

To create delicious Christmas cookies, try playing with different types of flavors and heights: in addition to the classic ginger cookies, you can create cookies with shortcrust pastry and dark chocolate chips, walnut cookies or even a new version of nougat! These plastic molds in addition to cutting the dough are able to print small designs in the cookie, so in case you don't want to decorate them with icing, you will still get a nice result!

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Pastry cake decoration set

Once the cookies are finished, it's time for the icing decoration! Inspiration is not lacking, but the right equipment is obviously essential to create the perfect decoration. The decoration set that we offer offers 48 types of nozzles to decorate cakes, biscuits and cupcacke. It is definitely a great deal, mainly due to its versatility and is an absolute must have for pastry lovers!

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The perfect bags to give away cookies

And to put the finishing touches on these welcome gifts, a cute and fun Christmas-themed package will make even the most "Grinch" people smile. The package of Christmas bags that we offer contains 400 pieces with 4 different designs that guarantees gift packages to all your friends!

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