Weekly horoscope from January 28 to February 3, 2019: Venus in Capricorn!

Aries: don't give up!

Dear Aries, until Sunday you can count on Venus's favor: don't waste it and try to settle any outstanding issues with your partner. From next week it will be easier for misunderstandings to arise between you ... At work, slightly nervous days await you, in which you will struggle to find the support and listening you need in bosses and colleagues. Do not give up, you are certainly not one to silence!

Taurus: opposite moon ...

Dear Toro, your week unfortunately begins with a lunar Monday in opposition, in which you may feel a little more bad mood and nervousness. If you look at your life right now, you will realize that all in all it is not so bad: favorable Mercury makes you get satisfaction on the working front, while Venus, starting from Sunday, will give you beautiful emotions and, for single women, important meetings!

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Gemini: the worst is behind us ...

Dear Gemini, great news coming for your sign: starting from Sunday the planet Venus will no longer be in opposition! This means that the worst is now behind us. Your love life has been put to the test in the last period, but now you can finally breathe a good sigh of relief. Meanwhile, pay attention to the days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, when the opposite moon could cause you some unexpected events.

Cancer: Venus opposite ...

Dear Cancer, are you sure you have clarified everything that needed to be clarified with your partner? If you have not done so and you still have some pending arguments, better talk now, because from Sunday you will have to deal with the opposition of Venus, which will make dialogue in the couple even more difficult! Attention at work on Friday, when something could go differently than you planned ...

Leo: moments of tension ...

Dear Leone, your week begins with a Monday full of bad mood, due to a slightly crooked moon that certainly won't make you want to do much. Instead, everything focuses on the days of Tuesday and Wednesday, which are decidedly more fortunate. Love smiles at you until Sunday, when some tension could arise with your partner ... Are you sure that he does not belong to a sign led to betrayal? Check it out right here:

Virgo: be patient ...

Dear Virgo, one more week of patience and Venus, finally, will no longer be in an unfavorable position to your sign! Unfortunately, until Sunday you will have to endure quarrels and arguments with your partner, often caused by rather futile reasons. Are you sure it's worth it? The worst days from this point of view will be those of Tuesday and Wednesday. Good news at work, however, between Thursday and Friday.

Libra: penis of love ...

Dear Libra, starting from Sunday, unfortunately, the planet Venus will become unfavorable to your sign. This means that in the next period you may experience quarrels or misunderstandings in your life as a couple. Take advantage of this week - especially the lucky days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays - to settle any outstanding issues with your partner. Some extra tension is possible at work.

Scorpio: what a week!

Dear Scorpio, your week starts off great with a beautiful moon in conjunction on Monday, which is going to be really super lucky! There could be some good news or confirmations in the workplace, also possible on Friday. Favorable Mercury helps you to forge important bonds and relationships, while Venus - starting from Sunday - gives you a lot, a lot of passion!

Sagittarius: do not worry!

Dear Sagittarius, try to make the most of this week, the last in which you will have Venus in conjunction: you will certainly not miss opportunities on the sentimental front, but you will have to be careful not to withdraw into yourself and not to get scared! If you open up, the stars promise to give you very strong emotions, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when you will also have the moon in the sign to amplify them.

Capricorn: queen of hearts!

Dear Capricorn, your time has finally come: are you ready to become the new queen of hearts of the zodiac? Starting on Sunday, the planet Venus will enter your sign: in the coming weeks, love will be the true protagonist of your life, giving you immense emotions. In the meantime, enjoy the super lucky days of Friday and Saturday, when you might receive some good and unexpected news ...

Aquarius: how many emotions!

Dear Aquarius, until Sunday the planet Venus will be on your side, ready to give you important moments and unforgettable emotions. But be careful: if there is something you would like to discuss with your partner, do it now! From next week you will no longer have Venus to support you in sentimental matters. Sunday will be a super lucky day, with the moon in conjunction! Monday is the only bad day.

Pisces: great news!

Dear Pisces, the planet of love in the last period is making you suffer, but excellent news is coming for you: starting from Sunday, Venus will return to act in your favor and soon the difficulties of your life as a couple will be a distant memory. Mercury helps you get the success you deserve on the business front. Bet everything on Monday and Friday, when you will also have the moon to support you.

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