Weekly horoscope from March 26 to April 1, 2018: Venus enters Taurus!

Aries: the last days of Venus ...

Dear Aries, the planet Venus will remain in your sign until Saturday: take full advantage of its support to resolve any outstanding issues with your partner or, if you are single, to step forward and receive a nice yes! Mercury, on the other hand, continues to support you in the workplace: your projects and initiatives will be rewarded. Monday and Tuesday are days favored by the moon, while a bit of nervousness could come over the weekend.

Taurus: long live love!

Dear Taurus, Venus has finally arrived in your sign! Are you ready to experience a truly super time when it comes to love? Starting from Saturday everything can happen: and who knows if you can't find just the right one for you ... Some mishap could ruin your unfavorable moon days, Monday and Tuesday, while between Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there will be some good news in I arrive.

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Gemini: new opportunities!

Dear Gemini, until Saturday you can count on the support of Venus, which makes you particularly irresistible. If there is someone you intend to conquer, do not waste time and make the first move immediately! New opportunities and interesting occasions arise at work: the planet Mercury favors encounters and travel. Lucky days: Monday and Tuesday. Bad days: Wednesday and Thursday.

Cancer: the serene is back in love!

Dear Cancer, you've been through a pretty tough time when it comes to feelings, and the good news is it's finally over! Starting from Saturday, in fact, the planet Venus will return to smile at you and the sentimental issues that have plagued you for some time will find a solution. At work, however, there continue to be some difficulties: be careful not to ruin your weekend with unnecessary worries!

Leo: who gets off to a good start ...

Dear Leo, your week could not start better: on Monday and Tuesday the planets will align in your favor and you can count on a lucky super moon in your sign! At work, excellent results and important goals await you. As for love, however, starting from Saturday, unfortunately, you will no longer have favorable Venus and tensions with your partner could arise ... be careful if you frequent a sign that leads to betrayal:

Virgo: emotions coming!

Dear Virgin, the last few weeks have not given you great emotions, while you can't wait to feel your heart beating very fast again! This will happen, and also very soon: starting from Saturday, in fact, Venus will return to be favorable to your sign and will bring you interesting and also very exciting encounters. Meanwhile, enjoy the lucky moon days on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, when you will receive great news!

Libra: a new balance!

Dear Libra, the time has finally come to breathe a sigh of relief: starting from Saturday you will no longer have Venus in opposition! This means that the bad period in love is about to end and you will be able to find some serenity and sentimental balance, even simply by managing to clarify your feelings. Saturday and Sunday, then, will be really lucky days, with the moon in conjunction!

Scorpio: Venus opposite ...

Dear Scorpio, make the most of this week to fix the things that are wrong with your partner: clarify everything that needs to be clarified, because starting from Saturday it will be very difficult to understand each other! Unfortunately, Venus will come into opposition to your sign and you will have to work a little to restore your couple the serenity they deserve. Meanwhile, enjoy the lucky days of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with the moon on your side.

Sagittarius: excellent planets!

Dear Sagittarius, until Saturday you can count on the favor of Venus, which will give you and your partner serenity and passion. Mercury, for its part, helps you solve a problem at work and facilitates interpersonal relationships, especially with bosses and colleagues. Be careful not to get too nervous on bad moon days, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Monday and Tuesday, however, will be lucky days.

Capricorn: the good and the bad news ...

Dear Capricorn, there are good and bad news for your sign this week. The good thing is that finally Venus, starting on Saturday, will no longer be unfavorable and your love life will find some serenity! The bad news, however, is that at work Mercury continues to put a spoke in the wheel and some situations risk getting stuck for a while longer. Don't get anxious!

Aquarius: opposite moon ...

Dear Aquarius, favorable Venus until Saturday gives you moments of great complicity with your partner. Treasure it, because starting from the weekend some tension could arise ... At work everything goes well, except for some mishap on Mondays and Tuesdays, when the moon in opposition will give you the impression that everything is going wrong ... don't worry, things will settle down as early as Wednesday!

Pisces: love on the way!

Dear Pisces, starting on Saturday, love will once again be the true protagonist of your life! If you have been feeling lonely or little understood lately, don't worry: in the coming weeks there will be a clear and decisive recovery in terms of feelings. Meanwhile, do not despair if between Wednesday, Thursday and Friday something goes wrong ... the moon in opposition will make everything seem much more dramatic than it really is.

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