Quarantined birthdays: Meryl Streep is the queen of online parties

Terry bathrobe, messy hair, no makeup and a glass of martini in hand. All this in front of the webcam in video conference. No, we are not talking about you, whoever you are, who are reading this article and find yourself in the same situation as described above, but of the one and inimitable Meryl Streep. Queen of Hollywood, 3 Oscars, yet the condition of "quarantine" is the same in which we are also mere mortals.

Cockatil in hand and also celebrating in quarantine!

Yesterday, in fact, Meryl attended a video party for the birthday of her friend Stephen Sondheim, who blew out 90 candles. Best wishes! Meryl and the other guests celebrated on Zoom, each from their own home. At one point, the actress and two colleagues, Christine Baranski and Audra McDonald, launched on the notes of "Ladies Who Lungh", one of Sondheim's greatest hits, who, for those who don't know, is a composer musician and playwright.

But the best of what has become a viral video in the blink of an eye is yet to come. Meryl, who has the charm of a diva, but certainly not the attitude, with extreme ease prepares a cocktail live to sip and toast with. The thirst is irrepressible and the desire to party as well. At this point, then, the actress thinks well about drinking directly from the bottle and in a moment she becomes the soul of the party.

Meryl, after explaining in detail the steps to enjoy a party even in quarantine, teach us how to get to 70 years like you.

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