Weekly horoscope from June 25 to July 1, 2018: Mercury enters Leo!

Aries: a super week!

Dear Aries, yours is going to be a super lucky week when it comes to feelings! Venus gives you the attention of a caring and present partner, capable of understanding you and making the most of you. Then, starting from Friday, Mercury also returns to smile at you: get ready for a great recovery in the workplace in the coming weeks! Week-end kissed by the moon, in which romance and passion will light up.

Taurus: don't waste time!

Dear Toro, make the most of this week on the working front: if you have any requests or proposals to make, don't hesitate! Starting next week, you will no longer have Mercury to support you in your relationships with bosses and colleagues, and you may experience a moment of isolation. Even in love the pains continue ... doubts about the person you have at your side increase. Check now that it is not a sign led to betray:

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Gemini: no panic!

Dear Gemelli, do not panic if on Monday and Tuesday everything seems to go wrong: it is the moon in opposition to create some more setbacks and a bit of bad mood ... already on Wednesday, everything will settle down, and over the weekend you will experience a great recovery! Love smiles at you: the planet Venus makes your relationship passionate and stimulating and, whether it is destined to last or not, you will have a great time!

Cancer: mood swings ...

Dear Cancer, until Friday Mercury will remain in conjunction in your sign: count on this planet to resolve any type of interpersonal conflict, both at work and in the family. You will have the ability to understand people fully and you will be able to make yourself heard. Unfortunately, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the moon in opposition could give you sudden mood swings and create some small difficulties that will cause nervousness.

Leo: welcome, Mercury!

Dear Leo, the sky couldn't be brighter for your sign! You have Venus in conjunction, which gives you all the luck in love you deserve. From Friday, then, Mercury will also enter your sign and start a period of great success: at work, prizes and new opportunities await you. Attention only to the days of Saturday and Sunday, when the moon in opposition can make you feel rather low ...

Virgo: lucky days!

Dear Virgo, you should make the most of this week to carry out a project that is particularly close to your heart: until Friday, in fact, you will be able to count on a favorable Mercury, able to pave the way and give you relationships that will be particularly useful to you. . Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in particular will be really lucky days, with a beautiful moon that will support you in every field.

Libra: good news!

Dear Libra, good news for your sign this week! Starting from Friday, the planet Mercury will return to smile at you and all the difficulties and stress you had to endure, especially in the workplace, will become a distant memory. Love also smiles at you: Venus strengthens newly born relationships, while single women could have lucky encounters, especially possible on Saturdays and Sundays.

Scorpio: playing with fire ...

Dear Scorpio, no joking with Venus is unfavorable: your sentimental situation becomes complicated and, although you basically like complicated things, playing too much with fire could lead you to ruin a good relationship ... Attention at work: starting from Friday , Unfavorable Mercury could create some slowdown. Lucky days those of Wednesday and Thursday.

Sagittarius: great!

Dear Sagittarius, your week begins with a beautiful moon in conjunction on Monday and Tuesday which, combined with the favor of Venus, will give you truly unforgettable emotions. Love couldn't be better ... have you really found your ideal man? Starting from Friday, you will also be able to obtain important awards and results on a professional level. Get ready for a weekend full of adventures!

Capricorn: hold on!

Dear Capricorn, your love life finally returns to serenity, after going through stormy weeks. The good news is that, starting on Friday, your professional life will also experience a period of recovery. Until that date, unfortunately, you will have to endure the opposition of Mercury that creates blocks and obstacles on your path to success. Hold on! Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be days with an extra gear.

Aquarius: Mercury opposite ...

Dear Aquarius, unfortunately this week the opposition of Venus already present will be added to that of Mercury ... it will not be a simple moment for couples, the tension between you will skyrocket. Singles pay attention to new encounters: it is unlikely that the man of your dreams will arrive in this period ... Saturday and Sunday lucky days: the moon in conjunction will be able to cheer you up.

Pisces: news at work!

Dear Pisces, this week you should bet everything on work, especially if you carry out a profession that frequently brings you into contact with others: Mercury is ready to favor and support you, especially on the lucky day of Thursday. In flat calm love ... you are constantly looking for strong emotions and this could lead you to complicate things for free, even if there would be no need at all.

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