Weekly horoscope from 11 to 17 March 2019: Mercury enters Aries!

Aries: welcome, Mercury!

Dear Aries, this week marks the entrance of the planet Mercury in your sign! Starting from Wednesday, a period of great professional success will begin for you, in which there will be good opportunities to take on the fly. Good news will already begin to arrive on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with a beautiful lucky moon. Venus, for its part, also promises a lot of luck in the field of feelings.

Taurus: seek dialogue ...

Dear Taurus, your week opens with two super lucky days, with a beautiful moon in conjunction! On Monday and Tuesday there may be some good news in the professional field. Unfortunately, the field of feelings is less fortunate ... Venus unfavorable continues to cause quarrels and misunderstandings in your life as a couple. Seek dialogue with your partner as much as possible, preferably on Friday and Saturday. Discover the most suitable adjectives to describe yourself:

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Gemini: always better!

Dear Gemini, this week finally the planet Mercury will stop being unfavorable to your sign! Starting Wednesday, all those blocks and opposition that you have had to endure in the last period, especially in the workplace, will no longer be a problem and you will finally be able to get the recognition you deserve. Wednesday and Thursday will be two super lucky days, with the moon in the sign.

Cancer: moon in conjunction!

Dear Cancer, this week focuses everything on the days of the moon in conjunction, those of Friday and Saturday, when luck will be all on your side! Mercury will remain in favor of your sign until Wednesday: take the opportunity to settle all the outstanding issues, especially in the workplace, because in the coming weeks you may find some unforeseen obstacles in your way.

Leo: good news!

Dear Leone, finally good news for your sign who, in the last period, has not been very lucky: starting from Wednesday, you will be able to count on Mercury's favor and some good news will arrive in the professional field. Venus, unfortunately, continues to be in opposition. Heart problems will be on the agenda: focus everything on Sunday, when a beautiful moon in conjunction will give your couple a bit of serenity.

Virgo: everything works out!

Dear Virgo, in the last few weeks you have had to endure the opposition of the planet Mercury, which has created more than one obstacle on your professional path, making every decision even more complicated. Finally, starting from Wednesday, everything will become simpler: Mercury will no longer be in opposition and you will see solutions flooding. Particularly lucky will be the days of Friday and Saturday!

Libra: Mercury opposite ...

Dear Libra, unfortunately - starting from Wednesday - the planet Mercury will come into opposition to your sign. In the next few weeks, blockages may occur in the workplace or you may encounter difficulties in communicating with others, in the office or in the family. Fortunately, Venus will take care of giving you so many joys: love will go well! The luckiest day will be Sunday.

Scorpio: save who can!

Dear Scorpio, your week opens with two rather heavy days, in which the moon will be in opposition. Better to avoid provoking yourself, you could become dangerous! Venus unfavorable also creates tensions in the sentimental sphere and with the partner there could be discussions and quarrels. Fortunately, on Friday and Saturday, a beautiful favorable moon will help you find some peace of mind in the family and at work.

Sagittarius: towards success!

Dear Sagittarius, this week finally Mercury will no longer be unfavorable to your sign and, starting from Wednesday, success will be guaranteed! This is a year of victories for you, and now you can already begin to reap the first fruits. Pay attention, however, to the days of Wednesday and Thursday, when an opposite moon threatens to make you see a negative situation that instead could turn in your favor!

Capricorn: don't give up!

Dear Capricorn, unfortunately this week the planet Mercury will turn its back on you. If in the last period at work you were able to make good progress, now you may encounter some more obstacles on your path, especially possible on Fridays and Saturdays, when the moon in opposition risks further worsening the situation. Don't worry, though: in the long run, the victory will be yours!

Aquarius: long live love!

Dear Aquarius, Venus continues to be in conjunction in your sign and love couldn't get better than this! Are you still single? Take a good look around: the matches will be favored especially in the second part of the week. Starting Wednesday, you can also count on Mercury's favor, which will bring you good news even in the workplace. Pay attention to Sunday, when the opposite moon could cause you some annoyance ...

Pisces: good news earlier this week!

Dear Pisces, this week you should focus on the super lucky days of Monday and Tuesday, when you still have Mercury in conjunction and a beautiful lucky moon to support you. You could have some important meetings, or get some nice confirmation at work. Instead, pay attention to the rather nervous days of Wednesday and Thursday, when Mercury will move into Aries. Lucky weekend as far as feelings are concerned.

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