January 2019 Horoscope: hot month for fire signs!

Aries: the strength of a warrior!

Dear Aries, January will be a month full of energy for you, in which you will be able to give the best of yourself and never back down from the many challenges you will have to face. Mars will stay in your sign all the time, ensuring you the strength of a true warrior! And there will be battles, especially in the workplace. The second part of the month, in particular, will see an unfavorable Mercury ready to put a spoke in the wheel and put obstacles in your path. Love, on the other hand, will go great! Venus protects newborn relationships and strengthens long-standing ones. And to feel even more gritty, find out immediately which nail polish is best suited to your sign:

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Taurus: the serene returns ...

Dear Toro, the month of December was tough from a sentimental point of view: Venus in opposition has put even the most experienced couples in crisis! Finally, with the month of January, the planet of love will return to smile at you and you will finally be able to find some serenity. If you were single (or recently returned single), you will be able to dedicate some time only to yourself: soon you will be ready to live a new, important story. On the business front, on the other hand, many good news arrive in the second half of the month, when Mercury will help you make interesting encounters and will put in front of you new opportunities to take on the fly.

Gemini: Venus in opposition ...

Dear Gemini, if the month of December was very hard for your sign from a professional point of view, the month of January will be tough from a sentimental one. Starting from day 7, in fact, the planet Venus will enter into opposition, bringing stormy air into your life as a couple ... If you have something to clarify with your partner, better do it before that date! Fortunately, however, in the workplace you will be able to recover some serenity, especially in the second half of the month. The planet Mars returns favorable to your sign and this will lead to a good recovery of energy: after the last period, so hard, it is good that you are able to dedicate time to yourself and to relax!

Cancer: a stressful start!

Dear Cancer, this first month of 2019, unfortunately, will not be a walk for your sign, on the contrary ... it risks being quite stressful. The planet Mars, in an unfavorable position, will make you feel tired and lacking in energy. You will find yourself having to face, especially in the second part of the month, more than a problem related to work or family management and the nervousness, at times, will take over! Calm and cool. It is all the fault of the opposition of Mercury who, starting from day 12, will give you a hard time, but you can always count on a large group of affections - starting with your partner - who will be there to support you.

Leo: ready to fight!

Dear Leone, the month of December was not easy from a sentimental point of view: the unfavorable position of Venus has caused a lot of tension in your life as a couple. From day 7, finally, the planet of love will return to act in your favor and you will be able to rediscover all the lost serenity with your partner. Favorable Mars, for its part, will give you a good boost of energy and you will feel more combative than ever. Use your determination and your lioness fire to win your battles: in the professional field some envy may arise, but you will be able to be superior and stand out for your merits!

Virgo: relationship problems ...

Dear Virgo, you have experienced Christmas holidays in the name of love and passion, but the month of January - unfortunately - will break the idyll: starting from day 7, the planet Venus will take an unfavorable position for your sign and all the tensions remained unspoken with the partner will suddenly burst, bringing a lot of storm in your life as a couple ... Fortunately, Mercury will take care of it to give you some great satisfactions! The second half of the month, in fact, will be characterized by good news in the professional field, interesting meetings, awards or unexpected opportunities. Be careful not to neglect your sentimental situation too much in such a delicate moment ...

Libra: Opposite Mars ...

Dear Libra, for the whole month of January - unfortunately - you will have to bear Mars in opposition. This planet, if in a favorable aspect, gives energy and physical strength, but in your case it risks making you feel tired, stressed and, in some cases, more prone to seasonal ailments. Try not to get too tired and learn to delegate! Fortunately, the planet Venus will be there to support you: starting from day 7, you can count on good luck in the sentimental field. You will have a special partner by your side, ready to support you. At work, however, difficulties may arise or blockages may occur in the second half of the month.

Scorpio: Come on!

Dear Scorpio, the month of December saw you become a real queen of hearts, the woman of conquests! Of course, January and the new year will not be able to take away the seductive charm that characterizes you, but starting from day 7 you will no longer be able to count on Venus in conjunction, ready to amplify it. If you want to hook someone, go ahead now and don't wait beyond that date! At work, however, it will be above all the second half of January to bear good fruit: you may finally receive the answer you were waiting for, or an acknowledgment for your merits. If you have a new project in mind, it will be a good time to take it forward!

Sagittarius: a special month!

Dear Sagittarius, the month of January will be very special for your sign, a beginning of the year to remember! Starting from day 7, in fact, you will welcome the planet Venus into your orbit, ready to give you not just any love, but Love. Sure, as long as you're ready to welcome him too! Those who are already in a couple, on the other hand, could make some important decisions for their future as a couple. Great luck also in the workplace, especially in the first part of the month: Mercury in conjunction will bring you the results you were waiting for, while a nice favorable Mars will fill you with all the energy you need to win every battle.

Capricorn: Long live Mercury!

Dear Capricorn, your month of January will be challenging, a little tiring, but absolutely winning! Yours is a sign used to hard work, but which in the end always manages to get - with sacrifice and willpower - everything it wants. This month will be no different: starting from day 12, the planet Mercury will come into conjunction and you will be presented with many interesting opportunities, especially in the workplace, all to be seized on the fly! Some of you may also receive an important proposal or promotion. Love, in all this, risks taking a back seat, but strong couples don't fear breakup!

Aquarius: guaranteed success!

Dear Aquarius, the month of December has put a strain on you from a sentimental point of view, but January - finally - gives you all the serenity in love that you feared you had lost! Starting from day 7, in fact, the planet Venus will return to your side: the couples who came out unscathed from the Christmas holidays, will now be stronger than ever! For singles, there will be the opportunity to make new meetings, especially in the first part of the month. Mars and Mercury, both favorable, help those who intend to open up new paths - especially in the workplace. Don't be afraid to take risks, then, the stars are on your side and promise success!

Pisces: Mercury takes care of it!

Dear Pisces, in the last period there have been some difficulties for your sign, especially in the workplace. The month of January does not start in the best way, but it is destined to get better and better: in the second half of the month, in fact, the planet Mercury will help you find the solutions you were looking for, bringing you that little bit of luck that you have been missing lately. ! New opportunities may arise: don't let them slip away! Love is favorable in the first part of the month, when you can count on a beautiful Venus in a favorable aspect. Be careful, however, not to unload professional tensions on your partner, especially from day 7 onwards ...

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