Tests to prevent breast cancer: what to do based on age

The exams we have collected for you are those listed by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation which, with its Pink is Good project, promotes the prevention of breast cancer and other female cancers, essential to recognize the first symptoms and counteract them in time " possible development.

Breast self-examination

The first suggestion we give to women of all ages, and which you can put into practice without the help of doctors, is to practice breast self-examination regularly; The self-examination should be repeated after each menstrual cycle, two or three days after the last menstruation.
Find out now how to do it:

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When to do the first breast ultrasound

It is good to do the first breast ultrasound (to be repeated later if requested by the doctor) after the age of 25. The other tests that should be done between the ages of 25 and 40 to prevent female cancers are:

- breast examination, to be repeated according to the doctor's instructions;
- gynecological examination with transvaginal ultrasound, to be repeated always at the doctor's invitation;
- Pap smear and HPV DNA test, to identify infections with Human Papilloma Virus and prevent cervical cancer, to be repeated every two or three years.

The story of Lysandra, a woman who has won her battle against cancer

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At 40, is mammography or breast ultrasound more reliable?

From the age of 40 to 50, it is advisable to schedule mammography among the examinations to be carried out periodically, which does not replace, but is added to, the breast ultrasound and all the other examinations that we have already listed, to be repeated more often than done in the previous years.

The recommended age for the first mammogram is therefore 40 years. How often should it be done? Every year or every two.
With the same time interval it is recommended to repeat breast ultrasound, breast examination, Pap test and HPV test and gynecological examination with transvaginal ultrasound.
After the age of 50 it is very important to continue to undergo regular preventive examinations, with the same frequency adopted by the 40s to 50s.

Daily prevention: how to defend your health

Don't underestimate your diet and your daily habits. Be careful what you eat, prefer antioxidant foods, try to lead a regular life and don't forget to train weekly. Your appearance and, above all, your health will be grateful to you.
Here are some tips to start cleansing your body right away:

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