The perfect intimate outfits for New Year's Eve 2019 at around 15 euros

The New Year is made up of traditions and every Italian region, but perhaps also every city, has its own. The only, unmistakable tradition that everyone recognizes is that of wearing red underwear (although not everyone knows why). It is done for good luck; it is done because it punctually arrives as a gift under the tree from the mother, grandmother or aunt; it is done because "I don't believe in these things but better to avoid". In short, whatever the reasons, do not have one within reach out of hand could mean DISASTER

. We therefore present the perfect red underwear for New Year 2019. But you could also opt for a simple red underwear like those available on Amazon:

Red intimate outfits on Amazon

The perfect underwear set for a sexy New Year 2019

If you love particular intimate suits, this is for you: top bra and Brazilian panties make this suit a charge of sensuality ready to go wild on the track or be pampered in the light of a fireplace. Red is slightly darker than the classic New Year red, but this also allows us to show it off like a real garment, under a low-cut shirt or under a tank top and jacket, perhaps in black and white, wearing it as a real accessory . Also available on Amazon in black!

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Pros: it is very particular, it highlights the right curves and has a top bra that alone could represent the coolest accessory of your New Year's look. Low total expense!
Cons: because of such a demanding bra, it may not be ideal for those who plan to wear a V-neck and emphasize the décolleté.

Buy it on Amazon for € 12.99

Scarlet red babydoll for the most elegant New Year's Eve

For those who love to mix sensuality and elegance, this babydoll and panty set is the perfect solution. In scarlet red, darker than the average, she has the part of the bra in lace and transparencies, from which a soft veil of fabric that hides the belly in transparency. The panties take up the part of the bra, so they are in lace with a very particular design in the part of the pubis. Really beautiful for the price it has!


Pros: it is sensual, comfortable and perfect to wear under soft, light fabrics or under mini dresses with large or square shapes. Also perfect as a pajama to spend a really hot night with your partner!
Cons: if you chose a sheath dress or a tight dress for New Year's Eve 2019, it could be a bit annoying!

Buy it on Amazon for about 12 €

The red bodysuit for New Year 2019 perfect for tight dresses

This body is a real gem of sensuality. Red that cannot be more red, perfect to celebrate New Year 2019 with bows, it is all in lace, with the lacing behind the neck. It has a wide V-neckline and the pant is Brazilian. Just take a look to understand how beautiful it is! There he is:


Pros: This leotard, being stretchy, adheres well to the body and is perfect if you have chosen or will choose a tight fitting dress, a shirt or a tighter top. The bravest could also wear it with high-waisted trousers and a jacket after the dinner!
Cons: Having the lace behind the neck, someone may have problems combining it with other less cluttered garments.

Buy it on Amazon for € 8.99

Suit in burgundy for those who love to transgress

This suit is a bit different from the classic New Year's underwear suits for one simple reason: it's not really red! As you can see from the photo, it's slightly darker than a scarlet red, in fact, it's almost close to bordeayx, even if it's more The reality is that it is beautiful: a balconette bra with a lace strip under the breast and a wide lace panty.


Pros: It's refined and brings out the right curves, with a minimum of padding. Perfect for an important neckline or for snug and comfortable garments.
Cons: it is not exactly fiery red, so it deviates a little from the classical tradition!

Buy it on Amazon for € 15.99

Red sequined babydoll for a bright New Year 2019!

Soft, sensual, also perfect as a nightgown, this babydoll will make your New Year 2019 truly magical. Imagine the situation: you come home with your partner at the first light of dawn or after a dinner and some wine. You undress and wear this babydoll under your elegant dresses, whose lace bra part is embellished with the right number of sequins! How happy will your partner be?

If you like it but not in red, it is also available on Amazon in black!


Pros: it's soft, sheer and sensual, embellished with sequin and satin details. It comes down in a linear and not very voluminous way along the hips, making it comfortable for many occasions.
Cons: If you are wearing a shirt, shirt or blouse with a light fabric, the sequins may protrude from underneath the garment.

Buy it on Amazon for € 9.99 <

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