The Horoscope for January 2018: Aquarius fall in love!

Aries: Venus unfavorable ...

Dear Aries, this first month of 2018 begins for your sign with an unfavorable Venus, which unfortunately creates conflicts and discussions in your love life, at least until day 17. From that date, it will be easier to resolve disputes and regain serenity. with partner. If you have to face important discussions or topics with your boyfriend, then, it is better to wait until the second half of January. At work, however, the first ten days of the month will be favorites: take the opportunity to put yourself first and focus on your projects! The stars promise you great strength and energy in the last week of January.

Taurus: a little bit of stress ...

Dear Taurus, in January you may feel a little extra tiredness and fatigue due to the opposition of Mars. This planet guarantees the energy and determination to fight: having it against you will lead you to feel the weight of your responsibilities and could also lead to physical breakdown. Don't despair! From day 26, finally, it will no longer be in opposition and you will recover big time. Meanwhile, you can benefit from a splendid Venus that will bring serenity in love until day 17 and a beautiful Mercury that, starting from day 11, will give you good news, interesting news, meetings and important occasions at work. Be careful if you frequent signs that lead to betrayal ...

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Gemini: in recovery!

Dear Gemini, your month of December was not at all simple: you had to face the double opposition of Venus and Mercury. Now finally Venus is no longer opposite and Mercury will stop being so starting from day 11, when you start breathing again! Your projects, blocked for some time, can now take off and you will feel more free and eager to experience new things. In love, encounters will be favored starting from day 17, when Venus will return to smile at you. Singles will be able to make new acquaintances, while those in a couple will finally be able to answer the question: am I really in love with him or not?

Cancer: Venus and Mercury in opposition ...

Dear Cancer, your 2018 does not start in the best way: unfortunately the planet Venus will remain in opposition to your sign until day 17. You will live weeks of confusion from a sentimental point of view, discussions will be on the agenda and you will end up with ask yourself if there is really the right person by your side ... Try not to pull too hard and wait before making final decisions for the second part of the month. At work, however, Mercury in opposition starting from the 11th could create discontent. Fortunately, you can count on the favor of Mars who will give you all the strength you need to assert yourself.

Leo: don't waste time!

Dear Leo, in this month of January, you should resolve all outstanding issues with your partner by the 17th day. Unfortunately, from that date, you will no longer be able to count on the support of Venus, which will in fact enter into opposition to your sign! Tensions in the second half of the month could skyrocket… better not postpone what you could do today until tomorrow. At work, the luckiest part of the year will be the first, when you have the planet Mercury on your side. Again, you shouldn't be late and step forward immediately if you have any proposals or requests to make. Unfavorable Mars will make it rather tiring and tiring to keep up with your busy schedule.

Virgo: beware of Mercury ...

Dear Virgo, 2018 begins for you with a great charge, thanks to the favor of Mars that gives you strength and determination to face every difficulty. Some obstacles, in fact, could arise at work due to Mercury in an unfavorable position until day 11: in these first ten days of the year you may have some too many discussions with bosses or colleagues ... better wait after that date to make yourself heard! In love, however, everything is booming. January brings you stability and feeling, especially in the first half of the month, when Venus will favor newly formed couples and help old ones regain passion.

Libra: be patient ...

Dear Libra, do not be alarmed if love in this beginning of January is not really going well ... unfortunately Venus will remain in an unfavorable aspect to your sign until day 17. From that date, it will be easier to find the dialogue with the partner and to meet you, to resolve all disputes. Better not to push things too hard until that date. At work, on the contrary, the first ten days of the month will be favored by a splendid Mercury, which will help you find interesting contacts and carry out a project that is close to your heart. Mars becomes favorable to your sign at the end of the month, and strength and energy will return with it.

Scorpio: Mars in conjunction!

Dear Scorpio, your year starts off really great with a beautiful Mars sign! Mars is your reference planet, which gives you strength, energy and determination to fight and overcome any obstacle. Now that you are staying in your sign you are feeling truly unbeatable and for the whole month of January there will be no challenge that you will not be ready to accept. And the challenges will come above all at work, starting from day 11, when interesting opportunities and news will flourish, all to be seized on the fly. Some problems, however, could arise in the sentimental field starting from day 17, when unfortunately Venus will stop supporting you.

Sagittarius: Mercury in conjunction!

Dear Sagittarius, your month of January could not start better: Mercury in conjunction until day 11 gives you ten days full of encounters, affections, emotions and many good news. Even at work, the post-holiday recovery looks more than positive. From day 17, you can also count on the favor of Venus. The planet of love will give you emotions and, depending on the case, could guarantee exciting adventures or strengthen an already stable relationship. Finally, the 26th day will see the entrance into your sign of Mars: all the strength and energy of this planet will shine in your sky for a long time!

Capricorn: Venus and Mercury in the sign!

Dear Capricorn, 2018 begins for you with the beautiful conjunction of Venus. The planet of love protects your relationship and gives it stability and passion, at least until January 17th. They will be weeks full of emotions and even the most sentimentalized Capricorns will have to let themselves go and indulge in a little more romance. Starting from day 11, then Mercury will also enter your sign, giving you a second half of the month full of events, interesting news, meetings and work opportunities not to be missed. Favorable Mars guarantees physical strength and great energy.

Aquarius: how much passion!

Dear Aquarius, are you ready for a January full of passion? Starting on day 17, the planet Venus will enter your sign! You will enjoy a second half of the month full of sentiment, in which singles will not struggle to make conquests and meet someone special, while those who are already in a couple will experience a serenity and stability in the relationship as never before. Good news at work arriving in the first days of the year, but in general you may feel a certain tiredness, also due to the disfavor of Mars which will remain in a negative position for your sign until day 26.

Pisces: love first of all!

Dear Pisces, love for you comes first and this month of January will be favored until the 17th, when you can count on a strong and passionate Venus. Singles may have interesting encounters, especially in the second and third week of the month. At work, however, better be patient: the first ten days of January you may find some more obstacles in your path. If you have to propose projects or make requests, it is better to wait from day 11 onwards, when you have Mercury's favor on your side. January will be a month of great strength and energy: you can count on the planet Mars until day 26.

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