5 mini Christmas trees for those with limited space available

The Christmas tree, so imposing and bright, immediately warms the heart of the beholder.
It has the great power to make you feel at home immediately and to excite you.

Unfortunately for a large tree, it takes a lot of space in the house and not everyone has this luck.
Even when there is enough space, there are other factors to consider such as your four-legged friend who is completely seduced by the tree and its decorations and you can rest assured that he will do everything to destroy it until the Epiphany.

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But all this does not necessarily mean having to give up the tree.
If you really can't do without it, here are 5 minisize trees to bring the magic even where it is more difficult, or to decorate your desk in the office.
If you already made the tree a month ago, because you love Christmas and its symbols, these miniature trees are perfect for decorating any room in the house. There are never enough decorations for a Christmas Freak!

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Small traditions

A classic small tree in mini size, to be left natural or to be decorated with many decorations designed especially for this minisize.
Have fun adding small charms and balls as big as pearls and bring a little Christmas, wherever you are.

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The nonconformist tree

Are you a "lover of minimal style?
This small wooden tree, then it's for you! Discreet and elegant, suitable for those who do not like frills.
Perfect for the office, it will also appeal to a colleague who hates Christmas or a shabby chic style home.

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If, on the other hand, you are a real Barbie Girl, this total pink tree will drive you crazy.
Bright color and cheerfulness. It looks like it's made of cotton candy!
It is already perfect, but if you wish, just a thread of lights will make it crazy.

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The effortless tree

Not only do you have no way of making a tree, but you also don't really want to. Especially when it comes time to put it away. You are one of those people who only manages to undo the tree after Easter!
For you, therefore, a small and effortless tree, already decorated and even illuminated.

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If, on the other hand, you like the idea of ​​the tree, but don't like the miniature ones, you can always buy a sticker to apply to the living room wall (or wherever you prefer) as a sticker.
The advantage? You will no longer have space problems!

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