What to avoid when making a face mask (which could do damage)

What's better than dedicating themselves to taking care of their body? Many like to treat themselves to a weekend at the saunas or at the Spa to get rid of everyday stress, but for those who have less time and still need to take care of themselves, you can always choose a face mask that suits your skin and start a healthy do-it-yourself facial cleansing. Here, however, right during your "friends, gossip and relax" theme sleepover, there is a common mistake, which is often done thinking of acting for the best. Find out what mistake you make after completing your home-made beauty routine with this video:

What to avoid when making a beauty mask

Here's what happens when you apply your face mask: you often leave it on for longer than the 15-20 minutes it takes for it to work. Not only is it necessary to always check the actual shutter speed on the instructions, it is also important to respect it. In fact, not only sensitive skin could be damaged by particularly aggressive face masks (if left on for longer than the indicated duration), in general there are benefits only while the mask is still wet. When the mask dries, it instead begins to extract moisture and vitamins from the skin, instead of nourishing it as expected. So you should never let your face mask dry out too much! more time is synonymous with better, as in all things it is not the quantity, but the quality that makes the difference


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