The cutest ladles to decorate your kitchen!

The ladle is a basic utensil, but this is no reason to deprive it of a touch of originality! So combine the useful with the pleasure by choosing a ladle that will add a lively touch to your kitchen!
We have selected high quality ladles, made of excellent materials but at the same time very original, to give a nice and nice look to your kitchen.
They are also a great gift idea for people who love to cook!

Nessie Ototo ladle

Nessie, the symbol of Lake Lockness, so you've never seen it before and we bet it's not so scary anymore!
It will be funny to see it floating in the saucepan.
In soft silicone, you can also place it on the kitchen, thanks to the legs that will keep it upright!

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Juvale rose gold effect ladle

Rose gold, a very trendy color in all rooms, will also look good in the kitchen!
A ladle plated in rose gold paint, resistant and practical, with a long handle to serve all types of liquids and foods.
Elegant & Fashionable: Beautifully designed for a chic retro and chic style kitchen.

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Sodial wooden ladle

Perfect for a rustic or country style kitchen!
The wooden handle makes it safer and more comfortable to use, especially in hot soup or boiling water.
With the design handle you can hook onto the wall when you are not using it and it will still look great, not to mention that it will last for years.

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Colored silicone ladles by Colourworks

A rainbow of practical, functional kitchen tools that bring a smile to the home.
For some years now, cooks' favorite kitchen utensils have been made of silicone: first of all because they heat up less than metal, they also do not scratch, break or bend and are easier to clean.
Choose your favorite color and give your kitchen a twist!


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