Women in communication: interview with Marilyn Cicoria di Mabina

Coming of age is certainly an important milestone, both for a person and for a brand and, in this very particular case, for ours.
As the female turns 18, we have decided to start a Women Empowerment project that focuses on women who work in the field of communication.
Marilyn Cicoria, Head of Marketing & Communications for Mabina, answered 5 significant questions for us, explaining how true empowerment overcomes gender distinctions.

1. What is "being a woman" like in the world of work?

Being a woman in the world of work means having infinite possibilities, if you are able to see them, understand them, grasp them and if you choose to work in a company with a vision similar to yours. Knowing that a company is led by people who share your same axis of values ​​leads to simpler work, genuinely shared goals, less effort, true satisfaction.
For me, being a woman in a company means taking advantage of that part of emotional intelligence that women, like men, have, with the addition that in some cases women can "dress" it with a touch of "openness" to situations and emotions. , to the people. And this can lead to an expansion of the vision, of the care, to an extra detail - planning or human - that can make the difference.
Today I have the privilege of having a boss, a man - the CEO of Mabina - gifted with authentic emotional intelligence, finesse and human insight as well as business.
From day one, with confidence, he was able to grasp my masculine and feminine side, allowing me to exercise both for the sake of the business and my personality.
What's simpler? What's more rewarding?
The existence of sectors in which women are the victim of preconceptions is undeniable, - the automotive industry is an example - because they are recognized as "masculine", but it all lies in knowing each other: if you have competence and character you are also able to break down the preconception.
Knowing one's qualities, one's potential, is the first and most powerful tool we have for
“Make the most of us” and give your best. We often complain of not being valued as resources, but I am of the idea that before demanding the understanding of others, we have a duty to understand ourselves, understand what we are really good at, what we like to do, what we do well. Once this is understood, we need to work so that “our bosses” allow us to do it better.
If you do not know your qualities you will never exploit them, neither for yourself, nor for the company, nor with men, nor "against" men; if you know yourself you will learn to know the world and conquer it, regardless of gender.

2. What was "women empowerment" for you at 18?

I grew up with a mother who was also a sister, grandfather, grandmother, partner, confidant, friend, enemy. Those who in this millennium are defined as "women with balls". For this reason, for me, female empowerment was not an external element to my life, my mentality, my normality, it was an integral part of existence. For me, speaking of women empowerment makes no sense, from a grammatical, logical, humanistic point of view: the real empowerment is that of humanity, not of gender. I strongly believe that women and men represent two universes that are complementary and perfect precisely in the their meeting point.
I love and aspire to be a woman able to be next to men when needed, behind if needed,
ahead if necessary, away if it is right. Having the sensitivity to understand which is the right side to be on, I believe, is one of the secrets of happiness.

3. Three words you associate today with "women empowerment"

Today women have all the elements to avoid resort to empowerment.
I believe that the term "women empowerment" is the legacy of a dark and difficult history for women, but from which we have almost completely freed ourselves. Today we are filling - also with the support of men - the female mourning that history has given us back, with facts: we can, therefore, finally renounce a slogan that no longer has the place to exist, and stop fighting against men. , starting to see them also as resources and allies and not as elements of a continuous, demeaning, confrontation. There is no competition, it is not a film with the most spectacular overtaking, it is a team game between different and winning genres. Empowerment is a wonderfully human fact.

4. What would you say to the 18-year-old yourself?

I would like to have understood immediately that selfishness has nothing negative and that putting oneself at the center is the first step to open up to the world in a more authentic way. education, from patterns Today for me the winning pattern is the pattern of what I want and can be: the pattern of my daily creativity.

5. How much need is there to talk about women empowerment today and what should be done?

That women waste energy fighting again in the name of women empowerment is a demeaning folly against themselves. It is time for facts, without struggles. It is not necessary to shout what we are, it is necessary to live and work demonstrating the values ​​we believe in.
I recognize the value and the pain of the struggles of those who preceded me and which allowed me and all women to be what we are today, but from this moment on we have the duty to change and inaugurate a story with a new course, in to which the label of female empowerment does not exist.
It is a fact that women have talents, skills and sensitivity: there is no longer the need to declare it. There is no need to shout it at something or someone, it must be demonstrated every day with facts, as men do and must do; as every human being does and must do, regardless of labels, trends, movements.
Work, in the company or on yourself, makes you free because it starts from knowledge. And there is nothing more empowerment of knowledge.

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