5 tips to make a quick and easy mineral makeup to show off every day!

The great dilemma of every woman: how to be more beautiful in the morning, eliminating the small imperfections of the face in a few minutes, without great dexterity as a make-up artist and without the visibility of the make-up? Put it this way, it seems like a "truly impossible undertaking, yet it is not at all. Often the choice of the wrong products or the lack of knowledge in beauty matters leads us to think that we cannot do much with make-up, unless we rely on it. to real experts able to work miracles. The reality is quite different: with a few ad hoc advice and the right products we can create flawless make-up in a few simple steps. leaving the house, does not want to waste too much time with brushes and mascara, but wants to see herself more beautiful in a natural way and with a few gestures.

The solution in these cases is to choose a mineral makeup that does not distort our face, covering it excessively, but that enhances our natural beauty with a delicate but decisive and effective touch, able to make the difference.

To succeed in this mission and discover the tricks of the trade, we got advice from Umberto Spinelli, an expert Make Up Artist who revealed some small super effective tips to create, easily and in a few minutes, a flawless mineral make-up. Umberto began his career as a make-up artist in the fashion industry in 1990 and, after collaborating with prestigious international brands, in 2009 he arrived as a trainer in the bareMinerals universe where he still is, as Sales & Education Manager Italy.

Here are her 5 essential beauty tips for a quick and easy make-up to show off every day!

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1. Start with a product that guarantees the right hydration and a light coverage to the face

After having cleansed your face and applied the tonic - two essential skincare gestures that you should never forget - the first beauty move that will allow you to show off a top make-up concerns the hydration phase. Choose a product that gives hydration and is also in able to guarantee a light skin coverage going to even out the complexion for good without leaving an unpleasant feeling of heaviness or an unpleasant mask effect.

The ideal is a gel with a light texture, which is neither too heavy nor too covering, which also leaves a pleasant sensation of lightness on the skin. This is why our make-up artist recommends the Complexion Rescue gel which, compared to a simple cream colored or with the classic BB cream, it evens out the complexion, guaranteeing at the same time an anti-oxidant, energizing and protective effect thanks to the SPF30 mineral sun filter.

For an immediate moisturizing, luminous and uniforming effect, Umberto advises us to apply the gel with your hands; if you prefer a more covering and corrective finish, you can use the ad hoc brush: Viso Smoothing Face Brush Complexion Rescue by bareMinerals.

2. An indispensable step: the application of the concealer!

It goes without saying that the concealer is an extraordinary help to even out the complexion and hide imperfections. It is in fact "another fundamental move to show off a flawless make-up. Remember to use it in adequate quantities in the right places and blend it correctly in order to make everything more homogeneous.

To minimize the small or large imperfections of our face with a long-lasting effect, our make-up artist recommends the barePRO stick concealer which, in addition to being effective, is also quite comfortable thanks to the stick applicator. allows a quick and precise use of the concealer on the areas to be treated, helping you to dose the right amount you need. For a perfect result, do not forget to blend the product with your fingers after applying it.

3. The most important move: choose the right foundation!

If the concealer is an essential move, the real star of our makeup is the foundation. That's right: underestimating the importance of this step and choosing it superficially, can really compromise the performance of all the make-up, also frustrating the skincare and skin cleansing gestures, done with great care. Choose a quality foundation that cover gifts without turning out heavy or provoking the unpleasant mask effect, and ensuring uniformity to the complexion is in fact a fundamental step to show off a textbook make-up that makes us more beautiful.

Our make-up artist suggests opting for a mineral foundation in free powder, such as the ORIGINAL SPF15 Foundation, ideal for smoothing out the complexion flawlessly and giving coverage and beauty to the skin without weighing it down, while leaving the pleasant sensation no make-up.

Its application is then practical and fast: just take a small amount of product and pour it inside the lid. Thanks to the special brush - Beautiful Finish Brush - you can collect the foundation, tap away the excess powder and apply it on the face with simple circular movements. “Turn, tap and apply” is now a well-known mantra for millions of women around the world!

4. Don't forget the earth!

After having correctly applied the foundation and uniformed the complexion of the skin well, it is time to give an extra touch of color, always with class and naturalness. The goal is to warm the face by giving it a touch of irresistible but delicate and natural radiance.

In this case, Umberto recommends naturally warming up our complexion with All over Warmth. More than a land, this product is defined as "a ray of sunshine infused with pure minerals" able to blend perfectly and in a completely harmonious way with the skin of our face, without leaving a feeling of excessive coverage, mask effect, nor of dryness because it is free of talc.

The advice for a perfect application? Start the day right by smiling in the mirror! In this way it will be evident the shadow area of ​​the face on which with a quick movement you will have to draw a 3 starting from the forehead, in both directions. Easy, right?

The same product can then be applied on the eyes for a very sophisticated shaded effect and on the lips for a “warm” and delicate total look suitable for all skin tones and for all occasions.

5. The final touch: mascara!

After taking care of your skin and ensuring it has a luminous appearance and an even complexion, all you have to do is proceed with a final touch of essential make-up, to finish off your natural but effective mineral make-up in the best possible way. We are talking about the application of mascara. In a make-up that is delicate and decisive at the same time, like the one we have designed for you and which aims to enhance your natural beauty without distorting its features, mascara becomes an even more precious element. That's right: on a face enhanced in the most natural way possible, the effectiveness of the mascara is even more visible, representing a real beauty gem capable of making a difference.

Our trusted make-up artist recommends Lash Domination Mascara to perfectly define and enhance the look, giving it a more intense and sensual look.
Take care, however, to apply it in the right way to emphasize its effect. Fortunately Umberto reveals a trick for this too: it is necessary to start from the root of the upper lashes with a gesture upwards and make only two applications. In short, an easy and fast but super effective step that will make us forget the use of false eyelashes and will give us a truly top look!

And now you are ready to go out in all your beauty and face your day in the best possible way!

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