Eating pasta is more good than you think: here's why

It often happens that pasta is identified as one of the greatest enemies of the diet, being a food rich in carbohydrates. You mistakenly decide that you want to eliminate pasta and carbohydrates from the diet, which is absolutely unthinkable in a healthy and balanced diet. So what are the benefits of pasta? Better to discover them, especially if you want to enjoy a delicious recipe like eggplant stuffed with spaghetti without problems:

The benefits of pasta

Pasta has several tricks up its sleeve: in fact, if we are stressed, if we suffer from insomnia, if we are in menopause or if we suffer from premenstrual syndrome, this food can be extremely useful, even in the evening. This is because pasta promotes the synthesis of serotonin and of melatonin therefore has a relaxing effect and facilitates rest.Moreover, serotonin provides a feeling of well-being, and is synthesized precisely from the glucose released from the paste.
Again, pasta is pure energy. Being easily digested, it is able to provide energy to be spent immediately. Finally, if it is true that pasta is a carbohydrate, it is also the one that would have the lowest glycemic index, that is, it would favor the protection of the heart.

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What pasta to eat

To begin with, overcooked pasta should be avoided and pasta al dente should absolutely be preferred. Not only would pasta al dente have a lower glycemic index, but it would also guarantee a greater sense of satiety. So bye bye overcooked pasta. Then it would be better to consume wholemeal pasta, with which you can indulge in creating many recipes. Finally, durum wheat pasta and especially spaghetti are better. Because? In addition to being always delicious, both classic and simple with tomato, and in a more sophisticated version, they have a lower glycemic index and are suitable for those who need to lose weight. Here is a list of low-glycemic foods to look at:

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