14 phrases we repeat to ourselves before we become parents (and that we don't even believe)

1. I will not make him use the pacifier more than necessary

"The problem is that as soon as I take it off her she cries ..."

2. I will never take it to McDonalds

"No darling, I told you no. But come on ... maybe I'll take a happy meal too ..."

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3. I will never cry, I will be a patient mother

This is the best!

4. My kids will know how to behave in a restaurant

"Run to a restaurant? My children? Never!"

5. I won't let him watch too much television

"Honey, I've already seen this episode and I love it!"

6. Every year we will celebrate his birthday with classmates

This is something you will do with utmost dedication at the beginning but then ... it will get harder and harder!

7. He will not sleep in the Latvian with us

When you meet his big eyes you won't be able to say no ...

8. We will only prepare healthy meals

Maybe on the weekend ... Can you imagine what condition you will be in after a day of work?

9. No snacks in our house!

"I'll just take a pack. I swear."

10. I will not repeat the phrases my mother used to say

"I don't care what other people do", "don't eat now, otherwise you'll have broccoli for dinner".
These are phrases that every mother says and now that you are a mother too, you have no escape ...

11. We will go to the park every day

"Today it's cold. Tomorrow it rains. The day after tomorrow we have the dentist ..."

12. My children will take painting and piano lessons

Did you like doing these things when you were little ...?

13. Every Sunday I will watch his football matches

"Maybe not all of them ..."

14. My life will change completely

Do you know what? It will change and ... it will do it for the better.